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bed bug control

Bed Bug Eradication

We can help you identify bed bugs and will eradicate any bed-bug infestation you might have in Glasgow, Ayrshire and across the mainland west of Scotland.

Bed Bug Survey

Our free and non-obligation bed bug survey of your property is the best course of action for you

In the end, your problem might not necessarily be down to bed bugs. There are other crawling insects that can be mistaken for bed bugs, fleas that can cause similar discomfort with bites or mites causing itchiness, allergies and skin rash.


We will look for bed bugs and signs of their infestation and recommend the correct solution based on our inspection of your home. An experienced bed bug control expert will be happy to survey your home for free and to identify the insect you have. If bed bugs are confirmed, we will talk you through the process we apply to eradicate them. Following our surveyor's assessment, we will advise you whether you can expect complete eradication of your bed bug infestation with just 1 of our single bed bug treatments or if more treatments are likely to be needed to achieve it.  However, you will still have no obligation to use our service. This survey is completely free of charge.

Quotes for Removal of Bed Bugs



​1. A single treatment is recommended for light to medium bed-bug infestations only


£151    1 single-bedroom only

£171     1 double-bedroom only

£220     1-bed flat or studio

£311     2-bed flat or house

£403     3-bed flat or house

£493     4-bed flat or house

Discounts up to 20% off (the above prices) are available for repeat treatments within 3 months of single bedbug treatment.




2. The same high-performance bed bug treatment with an optional 3-month guarantee to include 3 follow-up inspections plus monitoring with bed bug traps and subsequent treatments where it is necessary to eradicate severe bed bug infestations


Not applicable             1 bedroom only

£220 + £202 = £422    1-bed flat or studio

£311 + £248 = £559    2-bed flat or house

£403 + £274 = £677    3-bed flat or house

£493 + £340 = £833    4-bed flat or house

Follow-up monitoring and consecutive treatments as needed for reliable eradication are included.

3. Our maintenance-&-detection bedbug treatments

in which we utilize the use of natural pyrethrins to flush bedbugs out (of their natural harbourages) before visual inspection of the bedroom, plus applying IGRs to disrupt the lifecycle of bedbugs, are one of the most effective [bedbug] preventive measures for hotels, hostels and other types of commercial accommodation.

£72     1 single bedroom

£86     1 double or twin bedroom

Variable discounts are available to business customers for treating and inspecting 3 or more rooms for bedbugs at one time. We recommend combining our ''maintenance-&-detection treatments'' with bedbug monitoring and/or ''clear out'' treatments 

Bed Bug Treatments


The safe & effective use of advanced insect control chemical products by bed bug control experts. 


Bed bug treatment - option 1 and 2.


  • A ''clean-out'' rate of a high-performance residual pyrethroid insecticide best suited for bedbug control administered with a compression sprayer. Products tested and approved for professional use in homes as well as in commercial accommodation (e.g. hostels and hotels)

  • Contained synergist makes our insecticides stronger without a need for increased dosage beyond recommendations. It also helps beat insecticide tolerance in tough bed bug populations.

  • To prevent bedbug nymphs from hatching out of bed bug eggs and to stop bed bug nymphs from reaching sexual maturity (would be) required for bedbugs to multiply, we administer Insect growth regulator (IGR) alongside our bed-bug treatments.
  • Non-toxic desiccant (Diatomaceous Earth) effectively supports our bed bug treatments and the dust (powder) helps to protect against bedbugs long term.

  • ULV fogging (ultra-low volume spraying) of insecticide to flush out hiding bedbugs out of their harbourages.

Maintenance-&-inspection bed bug treatment - option 3.

  • Machine misting of natural pyrethrins to flush bed bugs out of their harbourages along with  IGR to inhibit development and growth in bedbugs (that are potentially present). The misting is immediately followed up by a thorough visual inspection.


Pre-Treatment Advice 

- What to do before bed bug treatment


Arrangements to be made before bed bug treatment if you have pets

1 and 2. If you have any pet(s) such as cats or dogs, rabbits, hamsters etc. arrange for them to be out of the house during spray treatment and for at least 4 hours afterwards or longer - until all sprayed surfaces are dry and safe. Fish, amphibians and pet snakes should be removed prior to bed bug treatment (to return the next day) alternatively the tanks properly covered.

3. N/A


Cleaning before bed bug removal treatment

1 and 2. It is better to vacuum and mop the floor and wipe down surfaces before bed bug treatment as you will be advised to avoid cleaning of treated surfaces on its completion for 3 weeks. Do not apply any DIY insect control products prior to an arranged bed bug treatment. Do not use aggressive detergents or bleach in cleaning operations before our chemical spray treatment. Anything you do not want to be sprayed, please put in plastic bags. 

3. Strip beds of bedding.


Access required for bed bug treatment

1 and 2.  To do a thorough bed bug treatment in an average-size 3-bedroom flat may take us up 8 hours time on the premises. During bed bug treatment, beds are dismantled, other furniture such as bed side cabinets, sofas, chests of drawers etc. taken apart  as much as reasonably practicable to allow for treatment to be carried out very thoroughly (targeted areas are 100% of all surfaces in most rooms). Due care is taken by our team to prevent or minimise damage(s) to the furniture and furnishings. Due to substantial quantities of chemical products used in the bug treatment you are recommended to stay out during this time; although you may remain in your property and follow safety instructions given to you by our operator.

3. Move beds off the walls. Open built-in drawers and unfold spare beds.



After Bed Bug Treatment - Advice


Bed bug removal - health & safety

1 and 2. Ventilate thoroughly on return. Avoid contact of bare skin with treated surfaces immediately after spray application; it takes approximately 4-5 hours to dry. Slight chemical odour present immediately on the application will be effectively removed by ventilation that also speeds up the drying process. All spray treated surfaces will be safe once dry.

3. A treated room can be safely used in 2 hours after administering our bed-bug maintenance & detection treatment.


Bed bug treatment - cleaning and maintenance

1and 2. Refrain from or reasonably minimise cleaning to all treated surfaces in the property for 3  weeks on completion of our bed bug treatment.

3. N/A


Progress in the eradication of bed bugs

1. First results such as considerably reduced numbers of live bed bugs in the property will be noticeable from day 1 on completion of treatment. Complete eradication of bed bug infestation should be achieved within 3 weeks.


2. The same as 1. applies + follow up inspections at £0 additional costs are carried out in the weeks 3, 6 and 12, Bed bug monitors with pheromone attractant are then placed under the beds.

3. N/A


There might be a requirement for repeat bed bug treatment(s)

1. If bed bug activity persists over 4 weeks on completion of a single treatment you should arrange for a repeat one. The cost of another full treatment less 20% is to be met by the customer, in this option.


2. If we can determine live bed bugs are still present within the treated property after the initial 3 weeks on completion of the 1st treatment, another treatment is applied at £0 additional costs. More follow up visit for visual inspections and bed bug monitoring are 2 and 4 weeks later. Where a requirement for repeat bed bug treatment or treatments arises as a result of the follow-up inspections they are carried out at £0 additional costs to our client under guarantee.

3. N/A


Bed bug prevention - further advice

Carefully inspect for bed bugs any used furniture, you might be bringing into your apartment. Regularly check bed frames, headboards and mattresses for signs of bed bugs. Check your luggage on return from holidays. In your home, use purpose-made bedbug-proof mattress encasements to protect your mattresses from bed bugs; cover your mattresses once they have been chemically treated.

Some useful insight about bed bugs

Bed bug is nocturnal parasite, all stages are feeding on mammalian blood, principally human, but also dog, cat or rodents. Adult bed bugs are up to 6 mm long, bug nymphs resemble adults but are smaller. Bed bug eggs are whitish and small in size (1mm).

Our bed bug removal service is available in Glasgow and across the mainland west of Scotland


East Ayrshire - Fenwick, Patna, Dalmellington, Cumnock, Kilmarnock, Darvel, Kilmaurs, Stewarton and more; 

South Ayrshire - Troon, Prestwick, Ayr, Mauchline, Muirkirk, Alloway Symington, Tarbolton, Mossblown, Maybole, Girvan, Barrhill and more;

North Ayrshire - Stevenston, Saltcoats, Ardrossan, Kilwinning, Largs, Skelmorlie, West Kilbride, Fairlie, Dalry, Beith, Irvine and more;

Inverclyde - Wemyss Bay, Inverkip, Gourock, Greenock, Port Glasgow, Kilmacolm and more;                                                              

East Renfrewshire - Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Uplawmoor, Neilston, Barrhead, Eaglesham, Clarkston and more;

Glasgow - Glasgow town, Cardonald, Hillington, Mosspark, Govan, Pollokshaws, Kings Park, Pollokshields, Shawlands, Govanhill, Langside, Battlefield, Hillpark, Cathcart, Mount Florida, Southside of Glasgow, Eastwood, Thornliebank, Gorbals, Busby, Rutherglen, Toryglen, Cambuslang, Partick, Cessnock, Bearsden, Milngavie, Marryhill, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow west end, Shettleston, Denninstoun, Baillieston, Glasgow East End, Anniesland, Glasgow North, Clydebank, Eastwood, Lenzie, Kirkintilloch and more;        

North Lanarkshire - Bellshill, Wishaw, Newarthill, Chapelhall, Airdrie, Motherwell, Glenboig, ChrystonKilsyth, Cumbernauld, Caldercruix, Harthill, Shotts and more;

South Lanarkshire - Douglas, Lesmahagow, Lanark, Strathaven, Biggar, Forth, Carluke, Hamilton, Blantyre, East Kilbride and more

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