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Some wasp nests cost more to treat because of additional access

With extension lances, our technicians access and treat the wasp nests where a ''wasp entry point'' (to nest) is visible (to the technician) and is not obstructed (by gutters, wall brackets, light fittings etc.) in mid-high locations externally off the ground for the price of a nest in a ''low location''. The wasp nests higher up are treated off 3-piece extension ladders (and a stand-off).

Wasp Nest in the Ground, in or on a Caravan, Mobile Home, Boats and Vehicles, Car Garage, Garden Shed and other Outbuildings

We have a fixed price of £65 for a guaranteed treatment of the wasp nest located in/on the wall of a bungalow or of any other single-story residential building; including active nests in vehicles and boats and in the ground or in bushes, on the hedge or fence.

Wasp Nest in the Wall of a 2-story House (on ground level and 1st floor)

We have a fixed price of £65 for a guaranteed treatment of the wasp nest located in a wall of a 2-storey house. Ground and 1st floor up to the horizontal gutters but not obstructed by the gutters.

Wasp Nest on Roof of a Bungalow

We have a fixed price of £95 for a guaranteed and safe treatment of the wasp nest located in or on the roof near its peak or at top of the apex on a bungalow or any other single-storey house. All the wasp nests that are in the lower parts of the roof are treated for the same price of £65 as low locations, like the wasp nests in walls of the bungalow. 

Wasp Nest in the Roof of a 2-storey House

We have a fixed price of £125 for a guaranteed treatment of the wasp nest located in/on the roof of a 2-storey house. If the wasp entry point/s are no further than 3 feet up from the bottom end of the roof, the price is £95, the same as per mid-high locations.

Wasp Nest in the Wall on the 2nd or 3rd Floor

We have a fixed price of £125 for a guaranteed treatment of the wasp nest located in a (vertical) wall where the wasps' entry point is visible and is not obstructed by the horizontal gutters. In most modern (newer) houses, we can reach up to the roof on the 3rd floor while this is at the same height as on the 2nd floor (rd level up) in many historical (older) buildings such as are the sandstone tenements in Glasgow. In most modern or newish houses, a wasp nest on the 2nd floor is considered a mid-high location in terms of access as well as price and costs £95 only to treat.

Wasp Nest on Chimney

£95 to £150 for a guaranteed treatment of a wasp nest located on or inside a chimney on single or 2-storey houses and on the flat roofs of high buildings as well as of any buildings over 2-storey tall that have internal access up to the roof.


Wasp Nest in Loft

£95 to £140 The price varies by the access to the loft and by where in the loft the wasp nest to be treated is as well as the accessibility of the wasp nest for the treatment; being subject to safety. The preferred and cheaper option is a treatment from the outside.

Ground nest locations
Low wall nest locations
Mid-high to low nests in roofs

"Is the suspected wasp nest in the high roof with wasps flying in and out and past a skylight in the loft of your house?"

 - or​

"Are you living in a flat on an upper floor of a tall tenement building and seeing wasps flying in and out a little hole in the outside wall?"

Wasp Nests Accessed for Treatment via Windows and Balconies, and from Lofts or Attics

Some of the wasp nests otherwise considered to be located up high or unreachable can still be accessed for treatment via windows, dormer windows and from balconies. Our technicians can reach out up to 6 meters horizontally or vertically with extension lances from where they stand to treat these high wasp nests. Typically, these wasp nests cost only £70 each to treat (plus 1 additional wasp nest for free, if there is one). Accessing high-located wasp nests via skylights from lofts and attics costs usually £95 but the actual cost may vary with reference to access.

Some of the Wasp Nests that would Match the Description of Their Locations on the Majority of Other Buildings Are Actually Higher

This could be the case if you live in a historical (older style) 2-storey house in Glasgow or in a historical (contemporary) mansion in Ayrshire but it may also include some other buildings with high ceilings that are across Greater Glasgow and southwest Scotland. Treating an active wasp nest located in the low end of the roof on the 1st floor of these buildings, therefore, costs £125 (work-at-height locations) rather than £95 (work at mid-high location).

Removal (for Disposal) of Treated Wasp Nests and Old Nests

From £40 (on request). These are either the nests we (or anyone else) have successfully treated with insecticide and there are no more live wasps living/nesting in them or the nests are old and inactive (left from previous years). 

Note that treated or inactive wasp nests (bikes) left in place do not attract new wasps. Wasps (in Scotland) never re-use old nests but they can make a new one in the very same location every year (if they find the place still suitable and accessible).

Information about call-outs and payments

High to mid-high nest locations in roof
Wasp nests in high-up locations
High wall nest locations
proxy wasp nest treatment
Atypical building - wasp nests
chimney wasp nest treatment
Disposal of inactive wasp nests
loft wasp nest treatment

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