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Closing Wasp Life Cycle on a Practical Example

There'd be no happy ending with an active wasp nest left on the house

The people who had beard through the spring and summer with an active wasp nest on their house were eventually flooded with large numbers of wasps entering living areas of the house in October. This regularly happens just before the wasp live cycle is completed and it lasts for several weeks, depending on what the autumn weather is like.

A wasp nest from start to finish

From April until October the wasp nest had grown constantly, same as the number of wasps in it. The majority of them were infertile wasp females - the so called wasp workers. They started dying off for the winter when outside temperatures neared 5 C, accompanied by short-lived wasp males – drones. Having accomplished their task - mating, drones also disappeared with the onset of winter. At this point in time only fertilised wasp females and few wasp workers were left in the nest. If this nest was not treated now, low temperatures would make the aspiring wasp queens soon leave the nest and go into hibernation. The old nest would be abandoned and never re-used. However, the same loft space would likely be infested by wasps from the same colony next year again.

How the wasp life cycle will continue elsewhere

New wasp queens from other nests that were left untreated will start laying eggs inside new single cell nests, constructed by them in or around the same area next year. Where a wasp nest has been treated, the risk of a new one next year is smaller. While on the contrary, where wasps were allowed to successfully complete their life cycle the chances for a new nest or even several new wasp nests to be started on the same property next spring are high.

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