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To all clients who have contacted my Scotland-based business Czechmate Pest Control (Czm8) with enquiries and/or requests to have pests professionally and safely removed/controlled in Glasgow and Ayrshire over past few weeks but haven't got a reply.

After a nervous breakdown was accompanied by a failure of my body-immune system and a dangerous episode of collapse and unconsciousness resulted in my admission to A&E in Kilmarnock at the beginning of July (2019) I had to take a break from my work, trying to regain some of my health back.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience and disruption the lack of pest control service may have caused to you.

What has caused it – racist stereotyping, ignorance, corruption (protectionism), racist bias and incompetence of UK's and Scottish public bodies

How it started: A normal police stop for alleged minor speeding offence when I was visiting my clients in Greenock area to deliver pest control service in May 2015.

Two police officers – PC Gaffney and Gillard then denounced validity of my Czech Republic-issued EU driving licence in order they could unlawfully seize it, along with my commercial vehicle, pest control materials and tools.

Despite I complained to Police Scotland about this pest-like/racist behaviour of the said 'officers' and was later supported by (former) SNP MSP Margaret Burgess who made a complaint about police on my behalf, I could never get anywhere.

Complaint about police by SNP Margaret Burgess MSP on behalf of Martin Kroupa

The (former) SNP MSP had checked with DVLA and confirmed I was not at time of the police stop disqualified from driving in UK. Via SPICE (Scottish Parliament Information Service), she had checked and confirmed I did not break any UK or Scottish law.

I never got any compensation or even just an apology from Police Scotland but the 'case' went to court in June, with trial took place in Greenock JP court in September 2015.

Because Police Scotland failed to investigate their own officers, I had to resort to travel to Czech Republic in July (2015) where I reported to the Czech Republic driving authority that my EU driving licence had been stolen (or unlawfully seized) on a roadside by a male wearing Police Scotland uniform and the authority issued me with a duplicate licence to replace the misplaced document.

Following an intermediate diet (August) I visited Greenock PF's office to lodge an important piece of evidence – a copy of my new (duplicate) driving licence.

My visit to PF's office in Greenock on 14th August 2015

Martin Kroupa visits PF's office in Greenock on 14-08-15

Evidence - duplicate licence issued 31-07-15 lodged with PF on 14th August 2015

Evidence - duplicate licence issued 31-07-15 lodged with PF on 14th August 2015

PF's clerk accepting evidence - back of my new licence

PF's clerk accepting evidence - back of my new licence

Despite (and in contrary to Articles 7 and 6 of the Human Rights Act) I had not broken any UK law, I landed (unlawful) 5-year driving ban and £1,500 fine. JP judge McIntosh who passed the sentence later concealed/disposed of the evidence (copy of my duplicate EU driving licence was lodged with the PF and spoken about in trial) by making it disappear from his Stated Case. I appealed wrongful conviction and sentence to the High Court in Edinburgh but my QC lawyer Mr. Paterson messed up, grabbed the money and refused to ever discuss the case with me until he withdrew from representation at the appeal hearing. When I complained about the lawyer's unprofessional behaviour, the Scottish Law Society told me that in Scotland Solicitor Advocates do not have to discuss cases with their clients at all. The appeal was in 2016 but it took 2 more years for the Law Society of Scotland to come out with this 'decision' (is in breach of Article 6. of the Human Rights Act). On that I approached SCCRC (Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission) (February 2019). As soon as I told them the 'case' involved corrupt behaviour of Scottish public bodies (and that evidence is available) they decided to put it off again and again (this Scottish public body has been continuously holidaying since March 2019).


Since 2015, racist and corrupt behaviour of the Scottish public authorities were involved has caused my business losses in excess of £200,000. I have two children (6 and 7) with disabilities (ADHD and autism) and the unlawful driving ban has put an enormous strain on my family that directly affects them while the above public authorities have been made aware of it but they do not care.


It has been my own time, effort and money from an EU investor (outside the UK) have helped made my business happen in Scotland. In those circumstances, I have been able to employ (Scottish) local technicians but had to lay staff off before beginning of this Summer (2019). Unfortunately, because of Brexit, no investor from the EU (in a such difficult political situation UK and Scotland are due Brexit) is willing to lend their money to help it out. At the same time, I could not use my last employee (my girlfriend) to drive me about my clients to deliver pest control service because it would have affected well-being of my two little children during their Summer holidays too much.

Back in business

We are planning to re-open for business during the first half of August, however, the exact date is not yet known or fixed. At the moment, I am recovering from ill health in Czech Republic.

Please follow our blog for an update. Thank you very much for your patience and support!

Update 4 September, 2019

There has been communication between the SCCRC and myself since publishing this article on 6 August 2019, including in writing, by telephone and my personal meeting with a member of their legal staff yesterday, on 3 September. I have accepted the explanation from the SCCRC it was co-incidental their last committee (in this matter) met on 7 August and the date to it had been pre-scheduled, rather than a result of my publication. A 'new' piece of evidence (a copy of my duplicate driving licence I originally lodged with Greenock PF on 14 August 2015 that later vanished from my appeal papers) has been re-recorded by the SCCRC and I was assured my case is being reviewed by them (for potential referral back to the High Court of Scotland), with the next committee meeting (in the matter) scheduled to meet again during October 2019.

Update 17 November, 2019

Earlier this week, the SCCRC (Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission) has made a sickening announcement that they believe, having included my personal circumstances that ''it is not in the interest of Scottish justice'' to refer my case to the High Court for determination. I disagreed with them and have appealed their decision.

Update 1 February, 2020

Six weeks on, the Scottish public body (the SCCRC) hasn't done any progress in referring a miscarriage of justice - myself to the High court of Scotland for review.

As it stands, this Scotland's public body (the SCCRC) really does not have a spine by corruptly protecting a Scottish judge - Mr A. McIntosh that had not been shy to steal and conceal evidence in order to secure a false sentence he maliciously passed on me without having any reliable evidence that could stand in any civilized court of justice for it. This, along with the damage of over £200,000 (by the Scottish government) to my business and their (the SCCRC's) despise of my 2 disabled children really sums them up.

What is the SCCRC and who is responsible for running it?

Just in case you did not to know, the SCCRC stands for the Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission and it is fully regulated by the Scottish government to which Justice and the legal profession (in Scotland) in general have been fully devolved since 1998. It has, indeed, been a sickening experience for myself to find out the SNP-led Scottish government really don't care about upholding human rights in Scotland for European citizens.

In my next step, I'm going to approach the European Commission in order to seek their guidance on this matter and will publicly report about it then. Please keep an eye on this blog for my next update.

Update 23 February, 2020

In my letter of 15 February 2020 to the SCCRC, posted to the Scottish public body [SCCRC] by recorded delivery on 20 February, I have further complained about the organisation's slowness and raised a question about a potential communication issue.

Update 3 May, 2020

In its reply dated 28 April, the SCCRC has been adamant in arguing for the slowness of Scottish justice to be deemed acceptable and continuously denies its own communication problem.

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