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Ant Control

Products and DIY treatment advice

You can try to get rid of ants by yourself before you would need to call in insect control expert.

When you start seeing ants around your home you could start with finding ant trails (path ants follow during their foraging exercises). If you are lucky enough it can lead you to the ants nest. You can buy some products cleared for amateur use from DIY stores such as B&Q. They would likely be ant gel (bait), with delayed effect, meant to be carried by worker ants to the nest to feed queen and larvae with. However these may be of limited efficiency. Insecticides for application by spray would likely contain tetramethrin and permethrin. Read carefully the label before; make sure you are not touching wet sprayed surfaces without gloves, keep kids and pets away from treatment and after treatment until all sprayed surfaces dry off. Spray onto ant trails, around doors, along edges of floors and where you’ve seen ants present. Another efficient ant killer is ant powder (insecticidal dust), usually contains bendiocarb as an active ingredient. Apply ant powder into wall cavities via air vents, under kitchen units, behind cooker, washing machine, tumble dryer, under shelves in your pantry, outside under paving stones and other places you have seen the ants. When handling insecticides, bear in mind they are toxic and a possible hazard to yourself and others, and also for the environment. Always read the label before use. Good riddance!

We do not sell ant control products but if you live in Ayrshire, Inverclyde, Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, Glasgow or Lanarkshire you are invited to use Czechmate Pest Control efficient ant removal service in 2014 Ant Control Promotion.

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