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Wasps Destroyed in Glasgow

Wasps can be destroyed in many ways of which some are more or less effective while others not effective at all or even dangerous to you, others and to the environment. I have previously published a step by step guide for DIY wasp nest removal that can be read on our Insect & Rodent Control Blog.

Amateur Vs Professional Wasp Nest Destruction

Apart from in application equipment, one other significant difference between amateur (DIY) and professional wasp nest removal by BPCA / RSPH certified pest controllers are the chemicals used in treatments to kill the wasps.

Amateur Vs Professional Wasp Control Chemical Products

There are wasp control products available ‘’off the shelf’’ cleared for amateur use. Some of the frequently used are Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam (contains d-phenothrin and tetramethrin) and PSW99 Wasp Killer Powder (contains 0.5% bendiocarb) from Rentokil. Rentokil itself recommends the first named product for use on small wasp nests only by amateurs and as for the latter product this is effective on Garden Ants or even wasp nests if applied in sufficient quantities.

I have noticed there are some businesses out there in Glasgow offering professional destruction of wasp nests with using the above products that are cleared for use by amateurs. The main difference between pesticides cleared for use by general public and those for use by pest control professionals only is the percentage of active ingredient in them. In PSW99 Wasp Killer Powder it is bendiocarb 0.5% w/w while products for professional use only contain bendiocarb approximately 1% w/w, e.g. Ficam D and Deadline Insectaban. The chemical products for use by professional operators only may not be distributed to persons or organisations that cannot prove to have been trained in safe use of these pesticides. Reputable UK suppliers of pest control products always ask for proof of suitability, such as BPCA, RSPH certificates before a sale of pesticides for professional use only can take place, e. g. Killgerm Chemicals. And this is probably why the dodgy wasp control companies resort to using amateur products instead.

Wasps Destroyed by Professionals in Glasgow

Czechmate Pest Control uses the chemical products for professional use only, supplied to us by Killgerm Chemicals. Contact Czechmate to have wasps destroyed by experienced and RSPH / BPCA qualified and certified pest control technician in and around Greater Glasgow 7 days a week.

You can phone us on 01294 689903 for more free pest control advice and/or book a call out by one of our service technicians.

Pest control helpline: 01294 689903 and +44 7407 217880

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