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Start of the Wasp Season 2017 in Glasgow and Ayrshire, Scotland

In May, the queen wasps had come out of hibernation in April have established new nests and laid their first eggs. New wasp workers are emerging in about 6 weeks. This time can be longer or shorter, dependent on temperatures. Wasps prefer warm weather with no sudden drops in temperature. You can read more about wasp entomology on our website. Just now, at the beginning of May wasp nests are small – a size of a ping-pong or golf ball and often occupied by one wasp queen only, accompanied with first eggs, larvae and pupae. Queen wasps are slightly larger than wasp workers people can see more frequently as the Spring advances into Summer.

First active wasp nests have already been reported to us by customers in Glasgow and Ayrshire were successfully dealt with by our technicians same day on request for our wasp removal service.

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