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New Active Wasp Nests

It is toward the end of May, 6 weeks on since a queen wasp had laid her first eggs in the new nest the first lot of wasp workers emerge. These wasps are infertile female wasps who take on the task of enlarging construction of the nest and protecting it from potential predators (including you and me) as well as feeding its fast growing juvenile population of wasp larvae. It starts looking busier outside the nest with increasing traffic of wasps flying in both directions, in and out of the nest and so indicating its location. The material wasps make their nest of is wood that mixed with wasp saliva is turned by them into a paper-like mash. The main food supply of a growing wasp nest are other insect and invertebrates.

Wasp Control in Greater Glasgow, Ayrshire and Inverclyde

The wasps won't go away on their own accord and the risk of being stung by them increases as fast as the new wasp nest grows. Czechmate Pest Control are ready to resolve a wasp problem for you now. We destroy wasps with guarantee by treating active wasp nests for commercial and non-commercial clients in Greater Glasgow, Ayrshire and Inverclyde.

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