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Price of Rodent Control Services for Residents in Glasgow, Ayrshire & Inverclyde

We control pest rodents and eradicate rat and mouse infestations across Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and Inverclyde.

Here are example quotes/prices of our rodent control services for residential customers as at 7 November 2017:

Quote for Removal of Mice £79

The above fixed price is for professional destruction of mice within interior of residential buildings and it is based on an average-size 3 bedroom flat infested with mice. Mouse control in larger properties costs proportionately more. Up to 20% discount is given for mouse control in smaller properties and where mouse baiting is requested for a part of the house or restricted to kitchen only.

Quote for Removal of Rats £89

The above fixed price is for professional destruction of rats n and around residential buildings; it is based on an average size of 3-bedroom home. Rat control covering larger buildings or residential complexes and surrounding land costs proportionately more.

Grey Squirrel Removal from £69

Catching and removing a squirrel can be as quick and cheap as 2 visits over 2 days and £69 but it can also take a week or longer before the offending squirrel is removed. Catching and removing more squirrels increases this price by £15 per squirrel. Occasionally, there may arise a requirement for additional follow up inspections and resetting or moving squirrel traps at £20 per visit. A trap hire fee of £3 per day for a cage trap and £1 per day for a spring loaded trap is not charged in the 1st week. Most squirrels are caught within one week.

Pest control helpline: 01294 689903 and +44 7407 217880