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Rats & Mice - Glasgow, Ayrshire & Inverclyde Rodent Control Deals

Not only Internet users in Scotland can find on our website how we control pests, we also publish how much it costs to remove the pests so that our potential customers can know the prices of our services conveniently straightaway. We have recently re-priced our rodent control services in the residential sector for customers in Glasgow and across the mainland west of Scotland. The prices our customers pay for rodent control depend on the type and size of their properties, as well as on the level and size of a particular rodent infestation. We have accurately reflected on this in our current pricing.

Rodent Control Deals for Residents across Glasgow, Ayrshire & Inverclyde

Rat Control Deal

It is not valid to say a rat control service in a big house must always cost more than a rat control service in a small house. We know rats spend their time split between outdoors and indoors. When rats invade residential buildings, they do so in search for food, shelter and new suitable breeding sites. Rat infestations normally start outside. Before a home gets into a stage of being over-run by rats, the vermin would find a way into the kitchen, often via adjacent meter cupboard or under the kitchen sink. The next area prone to be infested by rats is a loft space. Unless the rat problem has already come out of your hands and rats are all over the property, we suggest focusing rat control on the aforementioned areas.

To target rats efficiently and so keeping the price of our rat control reasonably low for our customers, we have come out with the following rat control deal:

£89 - 1 rat control treatment and 1 follow up inspection outside 2-4 bed house + in any 1-2 internal areas of the house only, e.g. kitchen and loft

To make this rat control deal be even greater value, we can provide a second treatment plus follow up inspection for half price.

£45 - 1 extra treatment and 1 follow up

Mouse Control Deal

During the winter time, mice are driven indoors by low outside temperatures and lack of available food. Once in, even field mice can quickly adapt to living permanently indoors. Unlike rats, mice do not require access to a water source for drink while they get enough water in through nibbling and eating human food. Just like rats, in the first instance, mice are also attracted to the food they can find in the kitchen. If mice find enough available food in the kitchen, an infestation grows rapidly, with mice spreading into other areas of the house. Apart from the kitchen and pantry, the most likely areas to be infested and affected by mice are the rooms adjacent to kitchen and loft space.

To target mice efficiently and so keeping the price of our mouse control reasonably low for our customers, we have come out with the following mouse control deal:

£79 - 1 mouse control treatment and 1 follow up inspection in kitchen (incl. a pantry)

+ in adjacent areas + in loft only (over a 1-4 bed property)

To make this mouse control deal go even further for our customers, if required, we can provide a second treatment plus follow up inspection for half price.

£40 - 1 extra treatment and follow up inspection

Rodent Proofing on Completion of Rodent Control

We offer our customers £15 discount off any rodent proofing work to prevent rats and mice from re-entering and infesting their homes on completion of rodent control.

Rodent Control across Glasgow City, North and South Lanarkshire, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire and all of Ayrshire

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