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2019 Discount for Early Wasp Nest Treatment

Pay £39 only for a guaranteed treatment of an active nest you might have on your home. Our wasp control service is available to our existing clients as well as to new customers across Greater Glasgow and in Ayrshire. Discount applies to all treatments of the wasp nests are in or near the ground or in low locations on buildings.

First wasps in Scotland (2019)

The first wasps were spotted by our clients about 7 weeks ago (at the end of March). They were the wasp queens (large-size wasps) had come out of hibernation. These wasp queens have reared first wasp workers and from now on, they will dedicate all of their time to laying more eggs in the nests while wasp workers take on all of the other tasks such as constructing and protecting nests, plus foraging for and gathering food for their wasp queens and larvae.

When to treat a wasp nest?

It may be a few wasps flying around the outside of your house now don't bother you (yet) but I am almost certain wasps attacking and stinging everyone who would happen to come near your home during Summer and Autumn, including yourself, would. Although wasps also have natural enemies (insectivores), it is more than likely the nests have survived the Spring and are now a size of a tennis ball will continue the usual wasp life cycle, getting bigger and bigger as the numbers of the nesting wasps increase.

Treat a new nest early to avoid wasp stings and save money at the same time
While now (at this time of the year) there are just dozens of wasps in and around their nests and the risk of being stung by them is still relatively low, their numbers will grow rapidly to hundreds and up-to several thousands of wasps per nest as the Summer advances and the risk of being stung by them will heighten up. We currently treat all wasp nests that are in or near the ground and in low locations on buildings (and in/on sheds, kids' play houses, summer houses, trees etc.) for £39. Our price of a guaranteed wasp nest treatment in the same (low) locations is predicted to rise from £39 to £44 in June onward to reflect on ever increasing expenses we (as well as our competitors) have.

Offer valid until the 16th of June 2019!

We control wasps during the full length of wasp season in Scotland (from early Spring to start of Winter) but our discount is available to our customers (across Greater Glasgow and in Ayrshire) now and until the 15th of June. If you are concerned about wasps nesting on or around your home, feel free to call our helpline 01294 689903 for advice and to request a professional pest control service to destroy them safely, efficiently, and with a a guarantee. For more info and details ref. our wasp control service and pricing, please visit a dedicated page to wasp removal on our main website.