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Check for bed bugs

Bed bugs have recently become more common in large cities all over the world, accelerated with the increase in passenger air transport over the past decade. Actually, any kind of transport and travel, inclusive flights and sleeping in 5-star hotels anywhere in the world may involve bed bugs nowadays.

Bed bug treatments

We at Czm8 Control have responded to this ''trend'' by administering hundreds of effective & safe (insecticidal) treatments to eradicate bed bugs from residential properties as well as hotels throughout Greater Glasgow and across the west of Scotland. On request from our clients for ''free inspection of home for bed bugs'', (the free offer excludes commercial accommodation providers – e.g. letting agencies, hostels, hotels while bedbug surveys for business customers are available usually for a small charge) we have visited and inspected even more homes (and hotels) where we were able to either advise our clients that their problem was not caused by bed bugs or to administer effective & safe treatments to eradicate the blood-sucking insect parasites.

Bed-bug control experts / Cimex pest control

Within professional competence, our bed bug control experts also have been assisting to aircraft maintenance with controlling bed bugs on passenger aircraft in one of of the busiest Scotland's airports as well as we have discretely and efficiently helped hotel owners in Glasgow and beyond to identify and remove infestations of bed bugs.

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius)

Bed bug is a nocturnal parasite, all stages feeding on mammalian blood, principally human but also dog, cat or rodents. By day, bed bugs hide in crevices in beds, furniture, wallpaper, skirting boards, and emerging when hungry every few days to feed. Bed bug infestations only develop in temperatures over 10°C and it takes from a few weeks to several months for a bed bug to reach maturity from an egg and to potentially start breeding. The higher the temperature is (within a moderate range up-to 40°C) the faster a bed bug infestation grows.

Free help to identify insect pests and a survey for suspected bed bugs

Though it may be difficult to detect bed bugs for amateurs, it would always be to the home owner's advantage to tackle them adequately and without a delay; I'd say if they can make sure that it really are bedbugs that are the cause of their problem in the first place. We offer our potential clients free assistance to identify bed bugs and a free survey of home (free for non-commercial customers only) for suspected bed bugs in Greater Glasgow and across the west of Scotland. We also cover islands off the west coast of Scotland (e.g. Great Cumbrae, Arran, Isle of Islay), however, any call-outs to islands are subject to availability and are charged for.

Contact a bedbug control expert

For more information including pricing of services and contact, please visit online our dedicated bed-bug control page on our pest control website or call our helpline on +44 1294 689903