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Flying Ants

The winged form of Common Black Ant can regularly be seen in Scotland during the summer months between June and August.

These winged ants are sexually mature males (similar size to ant workers) and females (larger than ant workers). The form of flying ants is produced from the nest and will emerge in large numbers over a short time period. This ant swarming often occurs from many nests at the same time and frequently in the afternoons. The winged ants fly away, mating on the wing, and eventually settling exhausted. The males usually die quickly and only a small proportion of the mated females will survive to found new colonies. Normally only one female will found each colony but sometimes new colonies are formed in close proximity.

When you get to see flying ants in or around your property it signals new ants’ nests are very likely to be soon started in the same location. To prevent future ant infestation I recommend you to take action at this time without delay.

DIY Control of Flying Ants

All the areas where you see flying ants settling down should be treated with either insect spray or ant powder. Amongst insect control products available from DIY stores, those containing bendiocarb 0.5% w/w would be the most suitable for the job. Note the forms of mating ants do not consume ant gels. Whichever product you decide to use, follow instructions on the label.

Professional Emergency Ant Control Service

Czechmate Pest Control will be pleased to effectively rid your property of flying ants and to assist you with ant control in general. See our Ant Control Deal 2014.

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By Martin Kroupa

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