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Injury, Trauma, and Terror in Scotland

Gruesome April

My injury exactly 1 month after the accident in Saltcoats GP practice
My injury exactly 1 month after the accident in Saltcoats GP practice

Most unexpected, a serious accident at work happened to me by falling off the roof in Clarkston, Glasgow on the 21st April. Luckily, I didn't snap my neck on hitting the gravel path below me for I had put my left arm in the front of my head. My left arm had taken all the impact but it's kind of difficult to describe what it looked like – After I rolled myself to a more "comfortable" position I only could take a short glance of my injury so I wouldn't fall into a shock straight away, before the ambulance that my colleague phoned would arrive. My forearm ended with 2 bare bones sticking out in a V-shape, torn skin and some small bones that came out of the now missing wrist were lying scattered around the dirty gravel path and lawn. It's hardly possible to describe my feelings when I saw my hand detached, it lying a half-foot away from my forearm, with the wrist missing. To cut this gruesome story short, ambulance was called. A paramedic arrived in 20 minutes followed by an A&E ambulance some 15 minutes later. My special thanks go to a lady nurse who said had seen my fall out of her window across the road and came to help stop heavy bleeding from my injury. After the initial shock when my body produced adrenalin that suppressed the pain, the pain suddenly came in to be felt like hell. Morphine administered by the paramedic wasn't enough to make it more bearable until he decided to administer Ketamine as an ultimate resort. The ambulance took me to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Govan with the diagnosis of a complete compound fracture of the left hand. Despite the odds of the prognosis were 50% for amputation, orthopedic surgeon Mr Angus Arthur and plastic surgeon Neil Fairbairn and their medical team together managed to reconstruct most of my arm as much as they could. I'd love to express my gratitude to them if they happen to read this. Thank you both and the NHS team!

The plate inside holds my hand steady - 1 month after accident
The plate inside holds my hand steady - 1 month after accident

There had been a small hiccup – I didn't regain consciousness in a hospital bed but woke up on a trolley parked behind a line of other trolleys in the hospital corridor 4 hours after the accident and had to get myself up and staggered like a zombie to find the doctors. As I have said, this had a happy end when I found doctors Angus Arthur and Neil Fairbairn who then took me to an operation theatre within about a half-hour and professionally fixed up my injury. Well, it was still to take 3 more surgeries over a fortnight of my hospitalization while the diagnosis was changed to trauma and a complete compound fracture of hand.

Meanwhile, back home in Stevenston, North Ayrshire

My colleague notified my family about the accident the same afternoon and they of course feared for my life. Difficult to say what my 8-year old autistic daughter Sophie had thought about it as she can't speak much for herself due to her autism but it was clear that my 9-year-old son Martin who suffers from ADHD syndrome disorder was very distressed about it and found it extremely hard to cope with the stressful situation. It was so sad that in the school (Hayocks Base in Stevenston, North Ayrshire) my son was at that time attending the teachers and the headteacher Ms Penelope McCann did not give a fig about his mental health and, on the contrary, they ramped up their attempts of disciplining him and finally excluded him from the school for misbehavior before I even got out of the hospital.

Traumatic May

Thanks to my missus Jarmila Kapustova, it was possible for me to get discharged from the hospital early. She took care of me at home when I could hardly move myself having no movement in the fingers of my left hand that has now been re-attached to my forearm with a half-foot long metal plate inside it and a foot-long of missing skin on my thigh that had been used by the surgeons to replace completely destroyed skin on my left wrist and forearm.

This video was taken on 20 May in Kilmarnock Premier Inn - that much range of movement in my fingers I could get 8 days after I allegedly "hammered punches" by this hand into my son Martin

6 days out of the hospital, this was a very hot sunny day on the 12 May - my family including myself and our Jack Russell Terrier Brok went by my car to a beach in nearby Ardrossan. For me to relax and so to help my recovery and for the kids to let out excess energy, especially Martin Jnr was very anxious as he had been excluded from his school at that time. Unfortunately, on arrival at the beach car park next to the children's playground in Ardrossan, we had to turn back when junior had one of his tantrums associated with his ADHD mental health issue. I never even got out of our car at that time but we noticed there were a couple of junkies smoking cannabis in a small car parked next to our Zafira, right next to the children's playground.