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Czechmate - home, commercial and emergency pest control services - insect and rodent control - removal of wasps, flies, moths, ants, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches, beetles, rats, mice, moles and other pests

Pest Control in Greater Glasgow & Ayrshire

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Level 2 Award in Pest Management
Czm8 - Your rodent & insect pest control expert, plus mole catcher in Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire

Rodent & Insect Exterminating

Free advice, plus effective & safe pest control treatments to eradicate infestations of rodents and insects such as rats & mice, wasps, bedbugs, fleas and cockroaches

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Pest control services cover 
Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire 

Pest control helpline: 01294 689903 and +44 7407 217880

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