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ant control

Ant Control 

Fast-effective & safe pest control treatments for ants.

The service is covering Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire.

Find the answers to: "what do you do to control ants" and "how much does it cost for your ant control service in Greater Glasgow or Ayrshire"?

Quotes for Ant Removal Treatment 

1. Spray application and insecticidal dusting to control ants (interior plus external perimeter)

£76     any 1 room excluding kitchen


£83      kitchen only

£90     1-bedroom flat, studio or bedsit

£98     2-bedroom flat

£106     3-bedroom flat or 2-bed house

£114     4-bedroom flat or 3-bed house

2. Application of ant gel (interior only) or ant treatments efficiently combining all the methods


£99 for any 1 room or kitchen


£118       1-bedroom flat, studio or bedsit

​£127       2-bedroom flat

£137       3-bedroom flat or 2-bed house

£145     4-bedroom flat or 3-bed house

Ant Treatments


The safe & efficient use of advanced ant control chemical products 


Ant treatment - option 1.


  • A 'clean out' rate of a high-performance residual insecticide suitable for ant control

  • A dust formulation carbamate or pyrethroid  insecticide - superior ant killers


- Application of liquid formulation as a course spray onto floor & wall junctions (edges of the floor) and onto ant trails (where visible). External insecticidal barrier created around the perimeter (where applicable). 

Dust-formulation insecticides are applied into cavities and to other inaccessible areas where ants may be foraging or are penetrating through. 



Ant treatment - option 2.


  • Ant gel - bait formulation to attract and control black ants


- insecticidal ant gel is applied with a bait gun as small drops along trails where ants are known to be foraging.  

About Common Black Ants (Garden Ants)

Temperate species living in soil or in association with dwellings. Common ants form nests in gardens, under paving stones,

in foundations or occasionally within buildings. One queen per nest. Garden ant workers are very active foraging on wide range of foods including sweet substances, seeds, insects and aphid secretions 'honey dew'. Nests may survive for many years but young queens leaving the nest as 'flying ants' start new ones each year.

Pre-Treatment Advice 

- What to do before ant treatment


Arrangements to make before ant treatment if you have pets

1. If you have any pet(s) such as cats or dogs, rabbits, hamsters etc. arrange for your them to be out of the house during spray treatment and for at least 2 hours afterward or longer - until all sprayed surfaces are dry and safe. Fish, amphibians and pet snakes should be removed prior to ant treatment; alternatively, the tanks properly covered.


2. No special arrangements for your pet(s) are required prior to treatment.


Cleaning before ant removal treatment

Applies to both, options 1 and 2.

It is better to vacuum and mop the floor as you will be advised to avoid cleaning the treated surfaces on completion of ant treatment. Do not apply any DIY ant control products prior to an arranged ant control treatment.


1. Do not use aggressive detergents or bleach in cleaning operations before chemical spray treatment. 


Access required for ant treatment

1. Where possible, prior to ant treatment, please move furniture 1 foot away from the walls to allow the pest control operator access to spray behind it. Time Czechmate Pest Control technician requires to work on your premises will be up to 1 hour for which you are recommended to stay out; although you may remain in the property and follow the safety instructions given to you by the the technician on site.


2.  Access to any or all parts of your property will be requested by the technician for no longer than 30 minutes. No special arrangements required.

After Ant Treatment - Advice


Ant removal - health & safety

1. Avoid contact of bare skin with treated surfaces while wet after spray application; it takes about 1 -2 hours to dry. A slight chemical odour present immediately on application can be effectively removed by ventilation that also speeds up drying process. All spray treated surfaces will be safe once dry.


2. No additional health & safety requirements for this option.


After ant treatment - cleaning and maintenance

1. Avoid cleaning to the edges of spray treated floors and carpets for 2 weeks on application to maintain the effectiveness of ant treatment.

2. Do not interfere with ant-gel bait points


Eradication of ants - progress

1. Quick results such as considerably reduced numbers of live ants inside treated premises should be noticeable from day 2 on completion of spray treatment. 


2. Foraging ants feed on the bait and then return to the nest, transferring the bait to the queen and so to the entire colony. First visible signs that the bait is working should be seen within a week on the gel application. 


There might be a requirement for repeat ant treatment(s)

1. If ant activity persists over 3 weeks on completion of treatment, you might want to arrange for a repeat ant treatment.


2. If a significant improvement does not come within 1 month you should arrange for a repeat ant treatment.


Ant Prevention - Further Advice

In general, some soils are more attractive to ants, and houses built on them more prone to be infested. In such cases focus should put on eradication of ants from the interior while preventing more ants from coming indoors by proofing and by creation of insecticidal barrier regularly along outside perimeter of the building.


Be advised ants are attracted to foods rich in protein and sugar. Keep them

in sealed containers to prevent re-infestation.

Page last updated on 11/05/2024

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