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Same Day Wasp Nest Removal Service at a Low Cost across Ayrshire and Glasgow

Calls from customers for wasp nest removal service did not stop until the beginning of November this year, with the last two wasp nests treated only a couple of weeks ago at a hair & beauty salon in Glasgow's Jordanhill and a private house in Ayr's Alloway. One could think it is quite unusual to have angry wasps still flying about at nearly a mid of November. Some scientists suggest that this might be on account of global warming ... I am not going to judge this but I can confirm the weather this autumn was mild and this allowed wasps to extend their lifetime a bit longer.

Czechmate Pest Control take pride that all requests for wasp nest removal were attended on the same day a booking for the service was made, or later at the customers' convenience, and that included Saturdays and Sundays across North, South and East Ayrshire and in Glasgow.

It has been a successful wasp control season at Czechmate Pest Control in 2013. All the wasp nests we treated were successfully destroyed at the 100% rate. In the next year 2014 we are going to maintain the high quality of our wasp control as well as of all other insect and rodent removal services while keeping the prices still low. I thank all our customers for choosing to use Czechmate Pest Control wasp nest removal service.

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