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Insect Control Expert in Ayrshire and Greater Glasgow at Your Fingertips

There are many undesired pest insect species that can invade your home or a place of work at any time when expected the least. Some insects like wasps and ants are more seen during the summer months while others like cockroaches, bed bugs and some beetles can become a nightmare in residential buildings all the year round. It is especially nowadays with the central heating fitted to most residential properties. There are insects that are typically associated with dampness caused by leaking pipes or drains such as springtails, silverfish, myriapodas and crustaceas (millipedes, centipedes and woodlice). These arthropodas are more nuisance than real pests as they do not cause a significant damage to your property neither do they pose a threat to your health by disease transmission; however they may cause distraction to residents of the infested dwellings or a loss of business in case of commercial establishments. The best way to deal with infestations of springtails, woodlice (slaters), millipedes etc. is to keep the locations, usually bathrooms and kitchens as dry as possible by ventilation and primarily by fixing any leaks and removing sources of steam. These measures themselves however are often not enough to remove the infestation, therefore insecticides need be applied. After a leak or a blocked drain have been you may suddenly see an outbreak of small black flies in your house. These small flying insects are called drain or sewage flies and are associated with breeding in stagnant water such as blocked drains or paddles of water that could remain in the basement or under the floor even after the leak has been fixed. To achieve efficient control of Drain Fly you should in these circumstances seek help not only from a professional pest controller but also call in a plumber or a drain specialist. Mind insecticidal treatment will only be successful when the source has been removed. Some household insects are associated with certain materials or pets in your home such as fleas with cats and dogs, or carpet beetles with natural fibres. To efficiently get rid of these pest insects you may consider a professional insect control service. There are household insects associated with poor housekeeping such as Hide Beetle also referred to as Dermestes Beetle; often found in tenement houses throughout Glasgow but also present in many other towns and cities across Scotland and the UK. Populations of German and Oriental Cockroach are now on the rise in cities, with some areas more affected than others. Czechmate Pest Control deals with infestations of both the cockroach species throughout Glasgow. The areas most affected by cockroaches appear to be on the Southside and in the West End of Glasgow. Cockroaches are known vector of diseases being responsible for transmission of serious diseases such as gastroenteritis and dysentery onto humans. Especially the German Cockroach poses a serious risk to man’s health. Cockroaches are not an easy pest to get rid of. You can achieve a temporary relief by using various insect smoke bombs available from the chemists; aerosols also available off the shelf would be nothing but a waste of your time and money when it comes to a roach infestation. I recommend you hiring a professional insect pest controller particularly for cockroach infestation. Another significant pest insect that requires control by specialists are bed bugs, formerly a pest of slum dwellings and now on the rise across UK. There are many households and also hotels and B&Bs that have been suffering from bed bugs across Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Renfrewshire Inverclyde, Ayrshire and throughout UK. I definitely recommend you to call in a bug specialist when you discover them in your apartment. Also be alert when you travel and sleep overnight in hotels and B&B’s not to pick them up to bring them unintentionally home with you.

Czechmate Pest Control is insect control expert based in Ayrshire and serving customers across large area of central Scotland, including North and South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, Inverclyde, the whole of Greater Glasgow, South and North Lanarkshire. We are happy to provide customers in all of the served areas with free expert advice and to call out to carry out insect control treatments on their premises at an affordable price seven days a week.

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