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Rodent Control Services across Ayrshire and Greater Glasgow

There is a greater risk of rodent infestation to your home with the onset of cooler weather in the autumn. This applies especially to all buildings situated in semi-urban areas of Ayrshire and Inverclyde but it is not limited to. Rats and mice tend to invade people’s homes in the cities like Glasgow too. Also the Grey Squirrel has adapted to living in close proximity of man. Rodents are drawn into peoples dwellings in their search for food and to find nesting and breeding place sheltered from adverse weather and predators. Pest rodents could gain entry into your home via structural faults on the building but also along faulty drains and through unprotected vents from the outside. Mice have the ability of climbing semi-smooth surfaces and rats can easily climb any rough surface vertically up to a good few meters. Squirrels could enter your loft space via a missing or dislodged roof tile or slate. Pest proofing can so prevent many rodent infestations. All pest rodents are capable of causing a significant structural damage to property and damage to insulation, pipework and to electric and telephone cables. Damage to electric devices and cables by rats, mice and squirrels poses a fire hazard. There is a known fact rodents are susceptible to and carry a wide range of diseases. Rodent borne diseases may be transmitted from rodents to man, his livestock and pets. Some of the most serious diseases are Weil's disease, Salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, tetanus and murine typhus. Parasites carried and transmitted by rodents include tapeworms, ticks and fleas. Infestation of rats or mice in your home would also result in losses to food in your kitchen and pantry. Each of the above alone is a good enough reason for rodent control and prevention. If you are experiencing a pest rodent problem or think you might have rats, mice or squirrels occupying your home or a small business premises that are based throughout Ayr, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Largs, Greenock, Greater Glasgow, North and South Lanarkshire feel free to get in touch with Czechmate Pest Control to help.

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