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Mouse-proofing with Mouse Mesh Vent Covers

It is a proven fact mice can enter buildings through openings and holes as small as 5 millimetres. To prevent mice from entry into your home small structural cracks and crevices in masonry, gaps around pipes and cables could be filled with steel wool, bigger holes with chicken wire, expanding foam filler and finished with steel wool. Keep in mind that mice, the same as most other rodents, can climb semi-smooth surfaces and so enter buildings via structural faults situated well off the ground level. Few people suffering from mice problem are aware that mice can easily slip through the grid in most standard air vents and airbricks. It is not advisable to block these air vents / airbricks off as they had been fitted for a reason.

Sometimes people sit something flat against the air vents to protect them from mouse entry. This would be a very temporary solution with limited effectiveness only.

So what else could be done? My answer to it are the mouse mesh vent covers. They are supplied and fitted in three different sizes. Customers are invited to choose from a stainless steel frame or plastic mouse mesh frames in white or brown finish. Price is variable depending on the size and number of your air vents needing mouse-proofing. Discounts are offered when supplying and fitting more than one mouse-mesh vent cover at a time and as a part of integrated rodent control programmes.

Our mouse control treatments and mouse proofing are available to customers across the whole of Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire. Please phone us on 01294 689903 for more info.

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