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Pest Control Glasgow

If you are in Glasgow and discover pests infesting your home or a place of business there are options for you ahead for what to do next. Some people in Glasgow choose to do nothing and rather they try to ignore it for as long as they can. I personally do not recommend this attitude to anyone. Pests like cockroaches and rats in your home could give you some bad illnesses such as gastroenteritis, salmonella and Weill’s disease.

Pest infestations in commercial establishments may ultimately lead to customers avoiding the businesses that are known to struggle with pests altogether.

As far as bed bugs are concerned, apart from a social stigma from the body covered in unpleasantly looking bites they can bring to their hosts itchiness and other more or less painful skin reactions inflicted via bites when the critters feed on the hosts’ blood. Many homes throughout Glasgow are infested with Dermestes beetle while the residents got accustomed to frequent sightings of the pest in their homes. I have recently read on some other blog that there are people all round the world experimenting with insects as an alternative food source #1 to replace meat consumption in the future. However, I do not think this should really be the case for majority of Glaswegians who suffer from insect infestations in their homes.

Glasgow residents may seek help with pests from the Land and Environmental services of Glasgow City Council ( Be aware that many of council pest control services are no longer free of charge for residents due to councils’ cuts on public spending affecting the delivery of a range of public services. Having compared some of the prices of pest treatments on offer by Glasgow City Council I have found a number of pest control companies from within the private sector serving Glasgow area being cheaper. Questions when deciding whether to use council pest control services or to hire private contractors may be raised regarding safety, quality of service, the technicians’ professionalism, cost of service, time flexibility etc. Some of us may object that there are many private pest control firms that on the contrary overcharge customers for bad services. Truly, I have heard of some; however, I have personally come across situations neither the council had delivered ‘value for money’. And professionalism of some council technicians could also be questioned. Before I set up my own pest control business last year I had worked for many years as pest control technician with Pest Protection Services (Scotland) in Paisley that have been preferred contractors to local authorities across greater Glasgow Area. It was when I saw a council pest technician doing rodent control in Paisley by throwing toxic rodenticide about in an area accessible to public with his genuine aim to control rats but totally diminishing any health and safety rules, toxic rodent baits left behind by Renfrewshire council pest technicians in a primary school in Linwood, misidentification of insects resulting in treatments’ failure etc.

In Czechmate Pest Control we endeavour to offer and provide all our customers with professional, safe, efficient and cost effective pest removal services. We are able to respond across wider area of Greater Glasgow the same day requests for service are received. Apart from in Glasgow Czechmate Pest Control insect & rodent removal services are also available to private customers and local businesses in Ayrshire, Inverclyde and across west central Scotland, including South and North Lanarkshire. A wealth of information about controlled pests, treatments and prices can be found on our website

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