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Pest Control Ayrshire

In Ayrshire, just like anywhere else, you can sometimes come across unwanted rodents and insects that are classed as pests. These may, however uninvited and unexpected, invade your home or a place of work. Taking a guess I believe the majority of people living in today’s Ayrshire are not particularly keen on sharing a room with rats and mice, ants, beetles, flies, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, wasps or other insects, neither to live in close relationship with them.

DIY Insect Control

It is not impossible for resourceful and manually skilled individuals to do some DIY pest proofing or even pest control on their own. However, there are certain situations when it is better to leave it to the professionals. This can be after you have tried to stop and remove your pest problem but the stubborn critters just don’t want to go. The reasons behind a DIY pest treatment failure may be because the product cleared for amateur use did not have the required strength due to a lack of an active ingredient in it unlike the ones for professional use only. There are many other factors that should be taken into account, starting with the proper pest identification. This particularly applies to insect control. There are millions of insect species round the planet with a few dozens of those who can have some significance to you. To successfully and more permanently remove insect infestation in your home you should ideally know what insect species you are dealing with and what has likely caused the infestation. Removing, minimizing or eliminating the source should be your first step. Knowing the insects’ life-cycle would be beneficial to determine which product and application mode to utilize and a likely number of repeat treatments needed and the timescale involved.

DIY Rodent Control

In the semi-rural Ayrshire home and business owners as well as Ayrshire residents may encounter pest rodents intruding and infesting their homes and businesses. The preventative measures you can take by yourself are food denial to rats, mice and grey squirrels by making sure bins are emptied frequently and regularly, no cumulated waste or rubbish to attract pest rodents is on your premises. For rats a source of the problem might not necessarily be on your premises but this can be for instance a nearby farm, skip or illegal dumping taking place hundreds of yards away from where you have seen them. Some DIY products for rodent control can be purchased by general public, including poisoned baits and traps. If you decide to treat a rodent infestation by yourself please make sure no baits are accessible by children and to pets or non-target animal species. A proper survey and thorough inspection should precede a successful rodent control treatment to determine which of the rodents are present and to assess the infestation in respect to a number of baiting points to be set up, likely amount of rodenticide to be needed and the timescale of treatments. Rat and mouse trapping may also be considered by Ayrshire residents as an efficient and eco-friendly method of rodent control. Disadvantage of using spring traps (snap-back traps) is the need for removal of trapped rats or mice that need to be despatched and discarded every time as soon the get caught so the traps can be reset to continue treatment. It is therefore rather time consuming. Also not everyone is able to withstand a deadly wounded rat screaming after it has been caught in a trap but not instantly killed. Whichever DIY mode of control you choose to undertake, make sure you have enough traps or baits. Do not expect to see good results if you use just a couple of rodent traps or baits only. You should also maintain the traps or baits in place at least one week for mice and a few weeks for rats. Do proofing after you complete rodent control.

Czechmate Pest Control is the insect and rodent control specialist for your home and business in Ayrshire

There are many common reasons why people consider hiring a professional pest controller instead of DIY pest control. DIY treatment failures, health & safety concerns, fear and phobias from pests, lack of time or not enough professional knowledge and experience in pest management are just some of them.

Czechmate Pest Control as a new business started earlier in 2013, set up and managed independently by myself. I have personally been working in pest control industry as a pest control technician and field biologist for about ten years. Prior to going on my own I had worked for Pestguard Services and Pest Protection Services (Scotland). Based in Paisley, Renfrewshire both the businesses have been serving private and commercial customers, organisations and local authorities across Scotland, including Ayrshire. At Czechmate Pest Control I am utilizing the expertise gained through my extensive training and a 10-year practice in the field. So whether you are looking for expert free advice on riddance of pests or you require a service call out to your premises Czechmate Pest Control is here for you seven days a week across the whole of Ayrshire.

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