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Small Flies

Fruit Fly, Drain Fly, Fungus Gnat

Even during cold winter months you may encounter a sudden outbreak of small flies in your home. These are likely to be Fruit Flies, Drain Flies or Fungus Gnats. All of these flying insect species also live and breed outdoors when weather conditions allow.

Fruit flies are associated with rotting fruit and vegetables, bread had come off, soured milk, vinegar, vine, beer etc. Knowing the source would help you identify them. Removing the source should be the first step you take getting rid of them. If problem persists further inspection by pest control pro and insecticidal treatment are the next.

Drain flies are typically associated with blocked drains, leaks and stag water. First action you may take to remedy is checking your drains and clear blockages, fixing leaks and removing the stagnated water as it is a breeding environment for this fly. Insecticidal treatment can help you rapidly reduce their numbers.

Fungus gnats are predominantly horticultural pests with the ability to adapt to living indoors. These small flies can breed in soil of household plants. They prefer moist soil that is rich in compost. Translucent larvae may be found just below the soil surface in infested plant pots. A remedy may be temporary reduction in watering to the problematic plants to allow for the surface soil dry off. Removal of the infested plants might be considered if problem persists. Contact insect control pro for more help.

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