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Insect Control - Commercial

An example of false economy

Towards the end of last year I attended to a job in an un-named hotel in Troon, South Ayrshire on request for help getting rid of flying insects. From the description the hotel owner had given me over the phone I was able to identify the pest as Fruit Fly straight away and it was confirmed on my arrival later on the same day. As insect control expert I estimated that those insects needed about one month to develop from eggs to flies through their complete metamorphosis reproduction cycle (i.e. egg, larva, pupa and fly) at current temperature. The business had no pest monitoring or pest prevention programme in place. There were 5 electric fly killers of which none was working. Although, if those fly killers had been serviced the business would have known in time they were set to have a major problem with fruit flies before it got out of their hands and became truly unacceptable for their customers. Further, it took three insecticidal spray treatments, one supported with insect smoke bomb and the hotel staff was advised to fix multiple leaks in the main bar area. All that over several weeks while the hotel inevitably was losing its customers and good reputation.

For the existing fly killers had not been serviced for so long as well as for them being poor quality I had to install a new one in the main bar area to help control and most importantly to monitor any future flying insect activity before it would get out of control again. To my surprise, the business owner moaned about price of the new EFK and chose to decline my offer for regular service to it. Despite it was a high quality and powerful unit I reckon it will get to the same state of disrepair after being neglected for years. After the business owner had paid for 3 spray treatments he also decided to turn down my offer for pest monitoring and prevention service along with regular EFK servicing to ‘’save’’ money.

Electric fly control units (EFK) are powerful tools to continuously and effectively control and monitor flying insects on your business premises, minimizing the need for use of insecticides. Regular inspections and maintenance including at least one annual change of tubes or bulbs is a must to ensure them working properly.

Regular inspections of business premises (it applies twice to food premises) by pest control professional prevent a damage by pests, loss of customer, profits and good name. A tailor-made, bespoken pest monitoring and prevention programme by Czechmate Pest Control can give you a peace of mind and save money in the long term.

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