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Wasp Nest Removal by Czechmate

For good riddance of wasps by Czechmate Pest Control

On discovery of a wasp nest you might want to get rid of it quickly and safely. It is only natural especially nowadays you wouldn’t want to waste your money on poorly delivered or overpriced services.

Unless you already know a reliable and reasonably priced wasp controller you probably get on-line on your pc, laptop, i-phone, android mobile phone, tablet …. and punch in pest control Glasgow, insect control Glasgow, wasp nest removal Glasgow or pest control Ayrshire, wasp control Ayrshire, insect control Ayr , pest control Greenock etc. depending on where you live and what your internet search habits are. If you are using Google you will find Czechmate Pest Control sitting on top or close to the top of organic SERP on the page 1. Clearly you might not click through the link to our website and go elsewhere to our competition but if you do here’s what you will find and can get:

On arrival to the Czechmate Pest Control website you will see a range of pest control services at your disposal. The web pages are designed for easy navigation so you will have no problem at finding what you have been looking for. Now back to the very reason of your visit. Apart from wasp nest removal service in our exclusive 2014 promotion and FAQ you can look up other useful information on the subject of wasps in other places within the website in Wasp Facts, Insect Removal Quotes and Advice. By now you would know all how we do it and how much the service would cost you.

In our Insect & Rodent Control blog you can find a recent post Wasp Control and also a comprehensive advice for DIY Wasp Nest Removal which may come very handy to those who prefer DIY to service. However, as for the price you will learn that the difference between the cost of DIY and our service is not that much taking into consideration that our wasp control technician would be there for you the same day and you wouldn’t have to run to a DIY store to buy insecticide and expensive personal protective gear and application equipment for your wasp nest treatment. Importantly you can avoid any risk of getting stung by wasps if you contact us for booking same day wasp nest removal service. Even if you still insisted on removing your wasps by yourself feel free to contact us for free expert advice anyway.

We will be happy to hear from customers based in South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire, Inverclyde, East Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire Monday to Sunday. Our phone lines and email are manned from 8 am to 10 pm. All requests for wasp nest removal service booked by 6 pm are attended the same day or at a later time convenient for customer. For emergency wasp control we aim at the time of arrival to be as little as 1 hour from customer’s request. We can also phone or text you to let you know when our technician is on the way and near you so you can manage your own time effectively.

The Wasp Nest Removal

When our technician comes to your door all that you have to do is to point him in the direction where your wasp nest is likely located. He carries out the treatment using dust formulation insecticide containing 1% Bendiocarb for professional use only. Where the nest is located in a height up to 7.8 meters in an accessible area treatment is carried out from outside the building using extension wasp poles that are wasp specialist application equipment. Where the wasp nest is located either higher or in an awkward position the technician uses his ladder or he goes into your loft, alternatively he can reach the nest using specialist equipment via upstairs window, balcony etc. You will be asked to stay safe inside your home during and immediately after treatment. Wasps in the nest start dying within minutes of treatment; however, it usually takes several hours for the wasps to clear completely. On rare occasions it can take up to 3 days. Do not expect the technician to move an active wasp nest physically away. For a treatment to be successful it is important that the nest stays in place for at least next 3 days to follow. It is to make sure the wasps that were out foraging at the time of treatment would have plenty of time to return back to their nest where they contract a lethal dose of the residual insecticide had been applied. In most wasp nest removal treatments all the live wasps are away by the next day. Normally followed practice is to leave a treated nest in place to disintegrate but if you wished the treated wasp bike physically removed at a later date please speak to the technician. However there would be a small charge of £20 for doing it and be advised that wasps do not return to an old nest next year anyway. On the treatment completion a free external survey is carried out aimed at identifying any additional wasp nests. If found they are treated also free of charge. There’s no upper limit that would curb their number as long as they are all located within the same property and can be all treated at the same time. At this point technician prepares his service report and produces it to you verbally and paper based. Customer pays his or her bill. Fixed price of Czechmate Pest Control wasp nest removal treatment is for 2014 set at £35.00 for private customers. The customers that had previously used any of our pest control services obtain 20% discount. Our wasp nest removal treatments are 100% guaranteed and in an unlikely event of treatment failure our technician would return back to carry out a repeat treatment free of charge after 3 days.

Enjoy your home wasp free

You can phone us on 01294 689903 for more free pest control advice and/or book a call out by one of our service technicians any day of the week.

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