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Finding a Wasp Nest

When you notice an increased activity of wasps in or around your house it’s natural to get concerned. It might start with a few wasps being trapped inside or a number of them flying about outside. For the wasps inside the best you can do is to spray them with household insecticide or let them out of the window. But there might soon come more wasps causing you distress on regular basis. This would be an indication of a wasp nest in the area.

The best way to get rid of the whole lot is to find the wasp nest and have it destroyed (if by Czechmate Pest Control I will be pleased). The best way to find a nest is by having a slow walk round your property while watching where the wasps fly to. Do not come too close to where you see them concentrating; stay still and watch. If there’s a nest somewhere wasps would be flying in and out in short intervals of a few seconds (2 – 30). There’s always more wasp activity on a dry and sunny day than when is overcast and raining. Fewer wasps are out at dawn and before dusk. Frequent places where wasps tend to build their nests are for example the eves, loft space (a wasp nest is attached to entry point), outhouses, garage, air vents and air bricks, gap around central heating overflow pipe, openings between the front or back steps, a porch above the door or at any loose fittings or fixings on the outside of the building. But the nest might not necessarily be on the building itself, it may be in the nearby bushes and trees. Wasp may also inhabit old rodent burrows in the ground. If you can’t find the nest the wasps’ presence could be explained that they have a nest elsewhere but they come attracted by a food source which could be some types of flowers or fruits, also juices of certain trees. Green Lice (Aphids) that could be infesting on the plants attract wasps too.

If you struggle to find a nest but have plenty of wasps flying about you do not have to be afraid to call Czechmate Pest Control - our technician has the experience to finding it and in an event of no wasp nest located no call out or inspection fee is charged.

We provide wasp control service in Ayr, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Largs, Greenock, Glasgow, Airdrie, Lanark, across Ayrshire, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City and Lanarkshire.

You can phone us on 01294 689903 for more free pest control advice and/or book a call out by one of our service technicians any day of the week.

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