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With weather warming up across Scotland cluster flies will soon be coming out of hibernation

Cluster flies otherwise live harmlessly out of doors throughout summer. They enter buildings (usually roof spaces and lofts but also through windows into rooms) in autumn to hibernate, sometimes in vast numbers. Cluster flies leave their hibernation sites when weather steadily warms up in spring, usually April. Adult cluster flies are about 6 millimetres long, similar to House Fly in appearance. They often get mistaken for other fly species. Although not known to be involved in transition of diseases large numbers of this fly can be severe nuisance in occupied buildings. The flies would start dispersing after several days or a couple of weeks.

If you had encountered a sudden outbreak of these flies in late October and November without having insect control expert coming in you are going to experience them this spring again. Czechmate Pest Control is ready to quickly respond to customer enquiries and to provision of efficient insect control services across Ayrshire, Greater Glasgow and west central Scotland.

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