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Service Reports

I believe customers want to know what a pest controller did in their home when and after he has left. Most reputable pest control companies give their customers some kind of service report verbally and hand-written on a paper-based form customized for the purpose as standard. Disadvantages could be hardly legible handwriting while names of chemicals and some pests might be difficult to remember.

I often come across situations where customers did not get any report in writing when I (for a reason) revisited after another company or even council pest technicians had been in. Some pest control companies use only leaflets with general information about their treatments, others do not bother with written service report at all as they probably think it waste of time and on completion of a pest removal treatment they tell their customers vaguely: ,,You will soon see a difference.’’

Czechmate Pest Control is ahead of competition

On completion of any work our customers get a comprehensive service report verbally and ‘’in writing’’. The report includes inspection and its findings, treatment description, chemical products used, advice after treatment and further advice such as proofing etc.

Czechmate Pest Control goes an extra mile

Apart from a service report conveyed verbally our customers can opt to either receive a typed paper based report prepared by our technician at their premises or to receive the same by email in next to no time.

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