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Pest Control Glasgow

Czechmate Pest Control is the insect and rodent control expert for homes and local businesses. Our efficient pest control services are available to customers throughout Glasgow and beyond.

As spring advances there’s been a noticeably greater need for the control of ants, wasps and other insects. We have responded with our 2014 Ant Control Deal and 2014 Wasp Control Deal that enable our customers receive first class, same day pest control services for far less than they would have expected in Greater Glasgow.

Although wasps and ants are now and will be the most frequent insect pests in and around Glasgow for the next few months to come, we also cover insect control for the removal of flies, moths, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, beetles etc.

It is not uncommon in Glasgow to encounter mice trying to make themselves home in peoples’ homes, rats gaining access to buildings via faulty drainage, broken air vents etc. Rats and mice in favourable conditions breed at enormously fast rates and it can take as little as a few weeks for a serious rodent infestation to develop since first sightings of the pest in or around your home, grey squirrels in lofts cause significant damages by gnawing, all this giving Glasgow residents a good enough reason to control the rodents.

You can find quotes for most of our pest removal services applicable to domestic premises on our website instantly.

Whether you only need a piece of expert pest control advice or you are looking for reasonably priced professional pest control services in Greater Glasgow area contact Czechmate Pest Control 7 days a week.

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