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Pest Grey Squirrel Trapped & Removed

Grey Squirrel is a rodent pest

Although looking cute, damages grey squirrels can do in lofts can be severe; e.g. gnawing to wood can weaken wooden structure of the roof and ultimately lead to its collapse, insulation shredded off water and heating pipes can be responsible for heat losses and exposure of pipes to freezing conditions may lead to burst pipe which is costly to repair, chewed-through electric cable is a fire hazard – exposed wiring may short-circuit and cause a house fire.

Squirrel control and removal

In domestic settings or above shops or offices the favoured and most common solution is catching grey squirrels in traps/cages. This mode of squirrel control allows for effective and humane way of squirrel trapping and disposal through re-location or dispatch of the vermin. A disadvantage is that the trap/cage needs to be checked daily while it takes a week on average to catch a squirrel. An alternative squirrel control method can be using spring killer traps such as Fenn trap or Body Grip Magnum. Preceding inspection is a must for both squirrel control methods to determine the best location to place a trap or traps. For all squirrel traps - setting them up correctly requires experience, on top a risk of accidental self-harm is involved and is safer leaving it to a professional.

Efficient rodent control services are provided for individuals, organisations and local businesses in Glasgow, North and South Lanarkshire, East Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, and the whole of Ayrshire.

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