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  • Martin Kroupa

Rodent Damage Costs More Than Rodent Control & Prevention

Winter is the time of year when rodent pests such as rats, mice and grey squirrels increase their ingress inward to buildings, looking for shelter from harsh weather and new suitable breeding sites. It can start with couple of ‘cute’ grey squirrels you can watch outside your home playing in the garden to end up burning a whole into your pocket with an expensive repair to your electric wiring in the loft above your house.

While calling a contractor to rewire your house can easily cost you hundreds of pounds a prevention is considerably cheaper - rodent control treatments and proofing by Czechmate Pest Control range from £50 for inspection and rodent proofing only to £79 for an effective rat control treatment.

Nonetheless rodent damages to your property can be costly Czechmate Pest Control can prevent all of this from happening to you at a fragment of cost that would be involved in case of rodent damage aftermath. Efficient pest control services by Czechmate are available across Ayrshire, Inverclyde, East Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, Glasgow City and the whole of Lanarkshire seven days a week.

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