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  • Martin Kroupa

Wasps in the house during winter and in early spring in Scotland

It does happen people in Scotland get to see live wasps in their homes even during winter time and in early spring.

Where the wasps came from?

There are two main reasons in common behind most of the sightings; 1 – 5 as if solitary wasps with no visible nests emerge unexpectedly when outside temperatures are quite low while heating inside the house is turned up or when there’s a sunny day but otherwise still cold outside. Yes, rise in internal temperature caused by you turning up heating or the sunshine beating down onto the roof of your house can awake hibernating wasp queens. If you have encountered large wasps emerging in your house as if ‘out of nowhere’ in winter there most likely had been an active wasp nest on or near your property the preceding summer.

How to prevent wasp problem from reoccurring?

However you can’t do much to prevent aspiring wasp queens to come and start new wasp nests on or around your house it is a good idea to keep them under control by having any wasp nests eliminated as soon as they occur.

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