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Grab a Deal in Seasonal Insect Control

With the spring weather advancing across Scotland you may experience ingress of various small invertebrates to your house. In a house surrounded with gardens these usually are woodlice, commonly known as slaters (Scotland), millipedes, centipedes and garden ants.

Nuisance & Garden Pests


These creatures are virtually harmless, slow-moving detrivores - i.e. they feed on decaying leaves, fungi or juices of plants. Only a small minority of millipedes are predatory. Millipede is a garden pest with the potential to become a household pest.


There are about 10 species of centipedes in the UK of which none is dangerous to you. All centipedes are carnivorous, predatory, and capable of fast movement. Centipedes are naturally shy of daylight and they tend to hide under stones, pavement slabs etc. Centipedes indoors are unimportant visitors and do no harm whatsoever; contrary they can predate on insects, woodlice and millipedes and so to be actually beneficial for natural control of other arthropods (Crustacea, Myriapoda, Arachnida, Insect).

Woodlice (Slaters)

People often speak of woodlice being an insect but actually they are not. Woodlice (slaters) are Crustaceans which is an enormous grouping (Class) within Arthropoda (Phylum). The vast majority of crustaceans are aquatic. Woodlice (slaters) are the best known of crustaceans that have colonised the land. Woodlice are horticultural and agricultural pest because they eat and damage plants. Some woodlice (slaters) may come indoors, especially in autumn and winter. Although woodlice are not known to be a vector of diseases and they are not capable of causing any significant damage indoors, they may become a nuisance pest.

Garden Ants

Everyone has seen garden ants or at least has heard about them. Garden Ant is also known as Common or Black Ant (a species of insect). Garden ants can nest in a whole variety of places that are of no significance to you. However if a nest is constructed under foundations of your house, within the building or in its proximity they will inevitably become a pest to you.

Protect your home against nuisance insect pests and help your garden at the same time

Although CZECHMATE does not specialise in horticultural or agricultural pest control our treatments cover the section of your garden or lawn that is adjacent to the treated building - in quote against general crawling insects (as at 18.03.2015 it is £49 total fixed price based on a 3-bedroom terraced or a small detached house). In order to target potential pests in their natural habitat before they would become a real nuisance pest to you we treat the outside with Diatomaceous Earth (organic, non-chemical desiccant, non-toxic, applied as dustable powder or its liquid phase formulations), followed with a perimeter spray of synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, one with residual life, active up-to 6 months. Apart from the perimeter, other targeted external and internal areas include garage, hut or other outbuilding, inside and outside around doors, respectively windows.

Talking about your garden, CZECHMATE can also get rid of moles causing unsightly mole hills.

Contact Czechmate Pest Control - your pest control expert that can efficiently drive insect pests away from your home or business premises anywhere across Ayrshire, Inverclyde, East Renfrewshire & Renfrewshire, Glasgow City, North Glasgow & East Dunbartonshire and North & South Lanarkshire.

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