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Removal of an Old Wasp Nest

Reminiscence of recent wasp activity - an old inactive wasp bike stands for no extra risk of wasp re-infestation. Wasps do not re-use their nests but they do re-use the same areas to construct new ones in them.

Wasp nest removal by CZECHMATE in Glasgow

Where do wasps go in winter?

Wasp workers which are infertile females counting for the majority of all the wasps within their colony die off for the Winter along with wasp males while wasp queens leave the wasp bike and retreat themselves to hibernation. Prospect queens do not hibernate inside the wasp nests already build by wasp workers but they instead look for cracks and crevices that would shelter them from adverse effects of the elements during winter. In the wild, wasps would be hibernating for example under the bark of trees; in an urban environment it often is within lofts, wall cavities and basements where active wasp nests have been left untreated.

Do wasps come back?

Although wasps do not return to already-used nests they tend to come nesting to the same areas where their ancestors have been in the previous years. Some of the most important criteria wasps use in choosing new locations are food availability, ease of access and orientation east or southward.

What are wasp nests made of?

During the spring, the summer and up until the autumn wasp workers gather bits of wood and plants to use them for constructing of their nests, mixed with wasp saliva into a mash. The mash resembles to paper in its liquid as well as solid forms. However damages are generally minor this material wasps frequently gain by stripping wooden structure of lofts, floors, outbuildings and fences.

Can I prevent wasps from coming back?

There’s only so much you can do. Proofing up holes wasps used for entry points in the previous years can help. Leaving or removing old wasp bikes makes little or no difference. But mind you should always control wasps when they come nesting on or around your house between the spring and winter.

What happens if a wasp nest go untreated?

Physical removal and disposal of a successfully treated wasp nest or of any wasp nest that are no longer active has no significance in wasp control. But it should be noted that allowing an active wasp nest to remain would enable the wasps for completion of their life-cycle in the autumn, so resulting in more wasp queens looking to start fresh wasp nests the next spring, likely in the same area.

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