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How to Control Wasps

Wasps Destroyed Efficiently

According to The British Pest Management Manual and in-line with BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health) good code of practice; To get rid of wasps effectively you should treat their nest. Czechmate Pest Control achieves this very efficiently with application of a powerful insecticide which is a dust formulation carbamate with great knock-down effect and long-lasting residual activity directly to the wasp nest and onto wasp alighting surfaces that immediately surround treated wasp nest.

Old Wasp Nests

I am not going to start describing how to remove old – i.e. inactive wasp nests. Those no longer have any significance for wasp control and require no special skills to remove. Just so that you know; wasps never re-use their nests and the nests never stay active for more than 1 season between the spring and the autumn. Being constructed of mashed wood with bits of plants mixed with wasp saliva wasp nests are soft and fragile. Once abandoned, a wasp nest starts to crumble down and disintegrates soon after whether it’s been treated or not. Untreated wasp nests are likely to reproduce and to cause you more problem next year.

Removal of Wasps

Active wasp nests can be recognised by wasps coming and going throughout the day (during natural daylight). The interval between single wasps entering and leaving their nest is usually several seconds, the busiest wasp traffic peak time being warm sunny days. Where a wasp nest is invisible (constructed inside a cavity) you can observe unusual amount of wasp traffic flying the same direction. Investigating the phenomenon further you would see wasps entering their nest via an entry point which reliably marks the position of a wasp nest.

DIY Wasp Removal

Professional Wasp Removal

You can phone us on 01294 689903 for more free pest control advice and/or book a call out by one of our service technicians any day of the week.

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