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  • Martin Kroupa

Rats & Police Scotland

Cool and wet spring 2015 was not particularly helping wasps in developing new nests but vermin was on the agenda. Having just finished my work on a rat job in Largs, North Ayrshire I traveled along A78 toward Glasgow via Greenock to annihilate more rats.

Police speed check in Greenock

Meanwhile, two constables of Police Scotland - Gaffney and Gillard had stopped a police car by Inverkip Road in Greenock and waited for their potential victims. The duo stood themselves 240 - 250 metres before the road sign which indicates a change of speed limit from 60 to 30 as you enter Greenock. Constable Gillard aimed his laser speed gun toward oncoming traffic and his eye landed on my pest control van that was just approaching Greenock and was doing some 50 mph while still in a 60 mph zone outside Greenock. Constable Gillard did not think he should wait until my vehicle passes by the 30-mph-speed-restriction sign and measured 48 when I was slowing down to comply with mandatory 30 as soon as I passed by the 30-mph-speed-restriction sign. Gaffney recorded Gillard's measurement with a ball-point pen on the skin of his own hand like a naughty schoolboy and Gillard proceeded to a police stop for speeding. Months later in Greenock Sheriff court Gaffney denyed his skin writing. Apart from that he stated did nothing wrong because he had carried out many similar speed checks over a last few years of his service with Strathclyde Police and later with Police Scotland.

Why some constables of Police Scotland might be fond of rats?

I cannot tell you this but you can ask Gillard or Gaffney yourself if they stop you.

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