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House Full of Wasps – Quick Fix in Glasgow and Ayrshire

2016 has so far been good for wasps in Scotland, not so much for those whose properties wasps picked up to nest on though. Mild weather in the spring with no rapid drops in temperature could be blamed. Recent heat wave has benefited to the increase in wasp numbers per nest. Some UK government policies along with conservative government's austerity programme could be blamed for deterioration of many public services, including wasp control provided by local authorities. It must be really 'hard' for council officials to find sufficient funds to keep vital public service such as pest control running with the executive salaries exceeding £100,000 per year as norm. It looks like council tax has to be increased?? Most UK councils now sub-contract the work to private pest control firms that then deliver pest control services to households while councils keep admin fee only.(It is the difference between what you pay to council for a service and what a pest control company gets from the council for a job.)

Let's cut the middlemen out of Scotland's wasp control

If you phone us directly (01294 689 903), contact us by email ( or fill in and send away our on-line enquiry form you will be delivered #1 wasp control service. If you book by phone before 6 pm you will be attended same day Monday to Friday. If you do not have enough time to book a wasp control service and then wait at home for council pest control to turn up a couple of days later Czechmate Pest Control could help you solve this problem.

Why not to hire a private pest control company to let them deal with your wasp problem?

Well known pest control brands such as Rentokil, Mitie or Ecolab can provide excellent wasp control next day for £100 +.

Guaranteed treatment of wasp nests for fixed price £39 in Greater Glasgow, Inverclyde and Ayrsire!

Czechmate Pest Control treat any wasp nest located no higher than 30 feet vertically for a fixed price £39 (subject to access), 1 additional wasp nest at the same time is free of charge, £15 each thereafter on the same visit.

Optional wasp & pest control deals

While you can have a standard wasp nest treatment by Czechmate Pest Control professional for £39 with a guarantee you can also get some extras and discounts for other pest control services. More information can be found in our 2016 Wasp Control Deals.

Finally, a quick fix for a house full of wasps

It recently happened to some of our clients; They were aware of a wasp nest was somewhere in the roof before they had gone away for a couple-of-week holiday but the wasps did not bother them yet. On return from holiday my clients found all rooms upstairs were literally plagued with wasps, making return home a risky business before they called us in.

A standard wasp control is a treatment of wasp nests with pesticide that kills all of the wasps that are in the nest or enter it at later time. It does not usually take more that 24 hours for all the wasps to be 'gone'. But here's a complication – what about all the wasps that have dispersed inside the house and are now flying about the rooms?

Naturally, of course, these wasps entrapped indoors would die of dehydration and starvation within a couple of days if you can wait and risk to be stung by them in the meantime, such marking out the return from your holiday... If you live in Greater Glasgow, Ayrshire or Inverclyde there's a solution to your wasp problem available 7 days a week - you can check it out in our 2016 Wasp Control Deals.

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