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CZM8 | Rodent & insect pest control specialists in Glasgow

Online searchers for pest control services in Glasgow, Ayrshire and across western Scotland may soon notice a change in the title of our website as it gets soon displayed in organic search results on Google.

Is CZM8 a new name of Czechmate Pest Control?

I can assure you it is not. Only more space was required in the website's meta title to optimize it in order to achieve better performance on the the Internet search giant. Having shortened the full business name from Czechmate Pest Control to CZECHMATE last year I have decided now to squeeze it even further to CZM8 in online advertising only. Hence CZM8 is a contraction of CZECHMATE where CZ stands for Czech and M8 for mate that together give Czechmate.

Martin Kroupa T/A Czechmate Pest Control

Czechmate Pest Control is a trading name of Martin Kroupa who is the business proprietor. The business has not changed hands and its trading name that is registered with HMRC remains the same, just as its reliability in delivering pest control services across western Scotland since 2013.

So, has there been any changes with Czechmate Pest Control?

Yes, but only to the better – I have secured funding from a private investor in Czech Republic where we plan to branch out in near future while our Scotland's team has enlarged by an experienced Glasgow-based pest control technician James Fagen who joined us in permanent employment since July 2016. In doing so we have increased our responsiveness for customers across Greater Glasgow area.

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