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  • Carol Simpson

Three reasons you should always get a pest inspection before moving in

Nobody likes pests. Cockroaches, ants, rats, even the dreaded termite - any of these might lie hidden from even the most eagle-eyed non-professionals. Even worse than falling prey to a new infestation is moving into a home you thought was clean, but was actually the capital of the Cockroach Kingdom. Here are three reasons you should hire a pest professional when moving house.

3. Pests are good at hiding

Pests are pests precisely because they have adjusted well to living alongside humanity. A key reason for this is their ability to hide.

Imagine this: after moving home, you've paid the removalists, unpacked your boxes and are settling in for your first night in a new place to call your own. You wake up in the middle of the night, hungry for a midnight snack. You turn the light on in what you thought was a sparkling-clean kitchen, only to watch in horror as a swarm of roaches scatter for cover. Too many new tenants have found themselves in this situation.

2. If you find the pests after signing that contract, it's probably your problem to deal with

It's a pearl of deeply-rooted wisdom that landlords don't like paying for anything if they can avoid it. This includes the various fauna that like to call your house their home. Unless your lease stipulates that it is the owner's responsibility, they're probably going to offload it to you. If you can catch it beforehand, there's a chance they'll do the work to make your new home livable.

Even worse: if you are buying a property, especially at auction, once you've signed the papers there's no going back. Now, not only do YOU have to pay to get them removed, but it might impact the ongoing value of your property, especially if you find yourself with...

1. They might make your house collapse

...termites. Termites can chew through wood (they love the stuff), and a fully-stocked termite nest will turn your house into Swiss cheese. They can, and have, caused dangerous incidents in which ceilings, staircases and even whole houses have come tumbling down. So unless you want to find yourself in an unplanned open-air domicile, get that pest inspection before you move home.

We hope you have enjoyed this article that was written in conjunction with Sydney office removal company Hire A Mover.

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