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An emergency warning of Covid-19

The outbreak of Covid-19 has now developed into a global pandemic and it reportedly is a real threat to the public, including in the areas of Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire we service.

As pest controllers, we are obliged to protect our clients' property and health from pests and associated diseases, however, the need for pest control now needs to be balanced against the risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19.

Following the latest UK and Scottish governments advice to the public and BPCA guidance to pest professionals we would like you to know this:

All individuals are strongly advised to restricting their physical social contacts to an essential minimum and it includes our pest control service visits. However, there may be exceptions such as where there's a critical imminent threat to the public health, or when there's a risk of food contamination and therefore disease or the client is distressed to the point that the pests could affect his or her mental health.

It is known that only a small number of people, typically the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions are likely to experience a significant medical outcome as a result of contracting Covid-19. We are urging you NOT to arrange a pest control service visit if you belong into any one of the ''high risk'' categories. Even if you are not yourself frail or elderly, you may still fall into the high-risk category if you have recently travelled or returned from abroad within last 2 weeks, if you display Coronavirus symptoms or if you have been in close contact with someone else who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

To keep our clients as well as own staff safe, any potential visits to the customers' premises during the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore, have to be a subject of an individual risk assessment and risk mitigation prior to attending. Such customers would likely be required to pay a call-out charge to help share our extra costs (of childminders and of additional personal protective equipment).

If you are troubled by pests, feel free to talk to a pest control expert by calling me on 07407 217880.

Take care and stay safe at this difficult time!

Martin Kroupa

The proprietor of Czechmate Pest Control

UPDATE 26/03/2020

I am sorry for having to suspend all the pre-arranged visits to our customers premises from Monday 23/03, neither new jobs can be attended. I am afraid this adverse situation needs to continue until further notice, hopefully soon.

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