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Czm8 Pest Control Is Opened for Business

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Pest Control in Glasgow and Ayrshire by Martin Kroupa t/a Czm8 and Czechmate Pest Control

We have re-opened for business on 23 March after a 10-day precautionary suspension of all call outs. That was because one of my staff had come in close contact with a covid-positive person. For the safety of our customers and our own safety, as well as for the safety of everyone else around us, we continue wearing face masks, gloves, shoe covers, disinfect our tools between visits and exercise social distancing on the job as well as outside the workplaces.

I am sorry there might still be irregular opening and service hours during the coming weeks as a knock-on effect of the covid-19 pandemic and related as well as unrelated government-imposed restrictions.

Be safe and stay safe!

Best regards,

Martin Kroupa

The Proprietor of Czechmate Pest Control (Czm8)

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