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Price Comparison Sites

Why you might not want to ‘’compare’’ pest control services?

A widely accepted belief that price comparison sites bring consumers better pest control services done both cheap and in a good quality could be wrong. Although, in my opinion comparison sites could work well if you were choosing to buy pest control products to do some DIY.

Price comparison sites generally offer customers free quotes from trusted tradesmen while they charge the tradesmen for the opportunity to quote on their customers’ jobs. The system may seem to be in favour of the consumer. But in reality it is not quite so. Please, let me explain you why. Contractors usually have to pay certain fee to start with if they want to participate on it. The word ‘’trusted’’ in this means that the contractor has paid the initial fee; and that is why he is now ‘’trusted’’ by the comparison site.

On arrival to a price comparison website you usually do not find there any professional advice on how to get rid of your pests but every effort is made to persuade you to either straight call or email them under the promise they return to you three to five quotes to choose from. If you are with me you now know that the only clue and hint left to you for selection of a suitable contractor will be the price and timescale of their arrival. You likely will not be given the opportunity to first look through the contractors’ websites or to read their paper brochures etc. You will simply receive an email or a phone call from them to learn how much would the service you require cost. Then you make your choice based predominantly on the cost only. However, the cost may not be the cheapest you could get either.

Mind the trade people have to first pay their registration fee to the comparison site before they could quote at all. And before they can quote on your job they have to pay another fee for being given ‘’a live’’ customer’s lead. Each tradesman that gives you a quote has had to pay the fee already, regardless whether they get the job or not. This fee might be for example £5 to £10, even for small jobs like wasp nest removal. Usually 3 to 5 such trade people are quoting on one job. It means that it could cost a tradesman on average as much as £40 (it goes to the price comparison site) before the tradesman gets his shot on a job. Therefore it would be foolish to expect to get a good job done for a good price then. It applies twice for small jobs like wasp or ant control.

Price comparison sites are expensive marketing for pest controllers and the extra costs get recovered somehow and somewhere. The ‘’somehow and somewhere’’ could be by cutting corners on your job and overcharging for it.

Do not worry; Czechmate Pest Control does not take part on price comparison sites. We also tend to avoid any other expensive ways of advertising and rather we rely on our own website and the word of mouth by our existing customers as the most powerful tools for getting in contact with new customers.

Czechmate Pest Control is miles ahead; you can find quotes and brief treatment advice on our website before you even decide to contact us.

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