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Disease Transmission by Cockroaches

There’s no question about cockroaches being repulsive insects no one would be happy to share an apartment with. But more – do you know that cockroaches carry a host of bad diseases transferrable to humans?

Particularly German cockroaches that are more commonly encountered in Glasgow than other cockroach species. Allergens found in cockroach faeces, saliva and body parts can cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma, especially in children. But it doesn’t end here, cockroaches passively carry pathogen bacteria on their bodies that can spread Salmonella, E. coli, parasitic warms and Gastroenteritis, all of it capable to cause severe health problems to you and your family. Some of the symptoms include stomach pain accompanied with cramps and belly tenderness, unpleasant diarrhoea with blood discharge, nausea and vomiting, bacteria reaching blood stream can create life threatening conditions.

Cockroaches are utilising cracks and crevices behind kitchen appliances for harbourages. Classic old-style Glasgow tenements give roaches a lot of opportunity.

This should be serious enough to make you think! There are some neighbourhoods in Glasgow that are more affected than others. Cockroach hotspots are found throughout Glasgow with focus on Southside of Glasgow and recently also the West End. Situation in Govanhill (Glasgow Southside) has reached the point Glasgow City Council has started offering Govanhill residents cockroach control treatments for free. Unfortunately for the people only a consistent cockroach control leads to their eradication from homes while single treatments by the Council’s pest control are just reducing their numbers meaning a temporary relief only.

It's not an easy task for home owners, landlords and tenants to identify infestation of German Cockroach. Leave this with professionals -  Czechmate Pest Control offers you free inspection of your property, one-to-one consultation and cockroach removal treatments to eradicate them from your property anywhere in and around Glasgow..

Czechmate Pest Control provides complete Cockroach management programmes aimed at their eradication from homes. Cockroach facts and treatments including quotes can be viewed on this website. Free inspection of your Glasgow home with one-to-one consultation by cockroach control expert are available now – contact Czechmate Pest Control.

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