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Flying Ants in Greater Glasgow, Greenock and Ayrshire

Cold, wet and relatively short spring 2015 continuing into dull summer had initially slowed down development of these pesky insects. Flying ants are now emerging in large numbers across the West of Scotland

What are flying ants?

Winged and sexually mature ant males (similar size to ant workers) and larger ant females are being produced from ants’ nests and emerge in large numbers, usually over a short period. This swarming may occur from several different ants’ nests in one area simultaneously, often in the afternoons. The winged ants fly away, mating on the wing, and eventually settle down. The males die and a proportion of the mated females found new ant nests. Normally only one queen per ant nest but the nests can be in close proximity.

How to prevent new ants’ nests from being formed in undesired locations?

Effective & safe ant treatments by professional pest controller are at your fingertips every day.

For rapid response – contact CZECHMATE pest control now!

If you live or have business in one of the following areas and experience this ‘phenomenon’ you might appreciate 7-day-a-week rapid ant control service of Czechmate Pest Control. Requests for emergency call outs are welcome all week long for the whole of Ayrshire, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow and Lanarkshire..

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