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Houses at Cemetery Sell Better than Houses with Pests

Pests & vermin play a significant role in property sales according to

a survey by Populus, one of the UK's leading market research firms,

conducted for SellingUp. 44% of potential buyers would turn away from

an intended property purchase and 39% would lower their offer to buy a house

if pests were present.

I have examined the results of this survey and must agree it largely reflects the reality of

the niche market, sales of residential properties in the geographical area of Greater

Glasgow that I cover with my pest control service.

I wish had known the house is full of pests before I bought it!

From time to time I get contacted by customers who express themselves had been

cheated on by the previous property owner or by their agents who had failed to disclose a

serious problem with cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, mice etc.. Some of the new home

owners even said would not have bought the house only if they had known the pests or

vermin were there. On the other hand, I have heard some people saying they would

rather sell their homes than having to live with rats or mice ...

Removing a bed bug infestation can cost a small fortune (not only in


Now let's look at how much it could affect your finance if you bought a house that is

infested for instance with bed bugs. It does not really matter whether you going to occupy

the property yourself or if you intend to rent it out to tenants. Bed bugs are such small

devils that can drive their victims crazy, and I have seen it through my work being a pest

controller in Glasgow. Bed bug bites are sore, ugly and stigmatising. On top, many people

have alergies to insect bites; affected skin swells badly and becomes very itchy. If you are

a private landlord or a letting agent in Greater Glasgow area you might have already

experienced a bed bug problem in one of the properties you rent out or manage across Glasgow.

The Southside of Glasgow is a particularly risky area, with Govanhill, Pollokshaws,

Shawlands, Cathcart, Pollokshields and Govan being the bed bug hot spots. Although it is

now not uncommon to find bed bugs and even cockroaches in ''posher'' parts of

Glasgow's West End and in the town centre. A leading pest control company Rentokil

quotes about £1,200 for a treatment of a 3-­bed apartment against bed bugs, Czechmate

Pest Control's bed bug control expert can annihilate your bed bug infestation in the flat of

the same size for the price of £230 or £430 with a guarantee for their definite removal and subsequent monitoring.

Moving out rather than sharing flat with bed bugs or other pests

Is often what many new tenants do when they discover their new home is infested with

some nasty creatures. To avoid any doubt it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure a flat

or house they rent out is suitable for human habitanion, and it includes that being free

from pests. On the other hand, if you were a landlord or a landlady who cuts the corners

you would likely lose your tenants if you failed to remove the pests. Having bought a

property on mortgage to rent it out and ending up with no tenants to pay the rent just

because of pests are present would surely help to no one.

What about other pests?

To remove an infestation of cockroaches would set you back about £300 with most pest control service providers in Greater Glasgow area, rats and mice perhaps a little bit less. Few pest control companies advertise their services with prices which makes shopping arround difficult and time consuming. To save time and money here you can

Pest control survey when buying/selling property?

It's believed by many people it would save a lot of grief to property buyers and sometimes

even to property sellers but it is not a legal requirement at this point in time, at least not in

Glasgow or Scotland for as far as I know. Although property sellers and/or buyers can feel

free to contact Czechmate Pest Control to arrange for one if desired. Customer friendly

prices, discreet and professional services are guaranteed to receive every time.

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