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Advice by Pest Control Expert

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Insect & Rodent Control, Mole Catcher

West of Scotland, Greater Glasgow, Ayrshire

Treatment advice & quotes for the removal of rats, mice, wasps, flies, moths, moles, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, beetles and other pests

Find help to identify common insect and rodent pests in Scotland for free.

Learn about habitat, biology and importance of cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and wasps  on our website.

Get tips how to organize your garden to deter moles on our pest control blog.

Please phone our helpline 01294 689903 in office hours or email your enquiry via contact page to request more free information about pests and their control, and to check what services we do, our prices and availability.

Please select and click/tap on the pest category for which you would like info about our treatments and prices.

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