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rodent control

Rodent Control

Rats & mice exterminated,
plus squirrels trapped

Rodent control service across Greater Glasgow and in Ayrshire

Here we go Czm8 will resolve the rodent problem you might have!

Czm8 is a specialist in controlling rodents and eradicating infestations of rats & mice and trapping grey squirrels for residential customers and commercial clients in the whole of Ayrshire, Renfrewshire & East Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City and North & South Lanarkshire. Below on-page prices of rodent control apply to residential pest control only; free quotes for commercial premises. Feel free to contact us and request more information about any of Czm8's rodent control services and/or to confirm a price before booking a call out.



Squirrel Damage and Importance of Grey squirrel removal

Grey squirrels are invasive species and not indigenous in the UK. Although squirrels  might be cute-looking, the damages they may cause to your home and to other structures around it are yet untold. Grey squirrels  frequent lofts above houses where they often chew on electric wiring and cause damage that that  require you to hire an electrician to fix it after all. Damages to timber by grey squirrels' gnawing aren't rare and in fact, the squirrels just love to gnaw on anything you might be storing within your loft. An ultimate squirrel damage is a house fire caused by a grey squirrel that chewed through electric wires that short-circuited and caught on fire.

Discreet and Professional Grey Squirrel Control

We aim to visit all of our residential customers throughout Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire within 24 hours of receiving a request for squirrel control service. Czm8 technician will arrive within the arranged timescale in an unmarked vehicle, equipped with professional knowledge, and experience on the job plus traps and baits and other tools and specialist equipment. 

Czm8's Squirrel Trapping and Removal

#1 method is trapping because poisoning is legally restricted to warfarin only that is relatively slow. Due bigger size of squirrels that could reach and exceed 500g weight in adulthood, it is better trapping them to reduce the risk of carcasses that then might take even longer time to decompose in the cases when they cannot be located and/or removed within wall etc. Trapping is the leading method to rid your house of squirrels if you have them. We prefer to use Magnum Body-grip traps set up baited on the path or areas squirrels are likely to using within lofts. This is determined by discussing with the customer and by the survey. Setting up squirrel traps outdoors is complicated and legally restricted but not prohibited or impossible to carry out for a pest control professional. Purpose-made squirrel tunnels protect traps from being interfered with by non-target species (e.g. pigeons) or pets and by the elements outside. Added cost of outdoor trapping is a disadvantage in favour of trapping squirrels in the loft as we usually do. Squirrel traps are usually set in lofts or in  voids. 1 trap per squirrel as standard but where more than 1 squirrel could be reasonably expected we recommend to set 2 or more traps.  

What you can expects and what happens with squirrels and traps

There's a monitoring bait put down on a tray that is positioned away from but near to an armed squirrel trap. It helps for a squirrel to overcome a potential reluctance or even avoidance of the trap when it feels it wants more of the extremely palatable bait that is now only in the trap. It may happen on the day a squirrel trap is set that a squirrel gets caught in it. The kill is instant when the squirrel triggers the mechanism that moves powerful metal jaws that break the squirrel's spine and so we avoid  unnecessary suffering of the squirrel when it gets caught. On 80% of jobs it takes Czm8 pest technician 2 visits 1 week apart to catch and remove 1 squirrel but it may take more visits to catch more squirrels if only 1 trap was set up. We recommend you 1 backup trap in case you have 2 squirrels. If no squirrel is caught by the time of the follow-up inspection in 1 week, we would re-assess whether a squirrel is still present and continue control by resetting squirrel traps for another week if it were.


Live-catch squirrel trapping and removal with cage traps is available on customers request. Compared to lethal traps, live traps in use require daily follow-up checks which increases the costs of such squirrel jobs. 

Quotes for Trapping Grey Squirrels

Removing a squirrel requires a minimum of 2 visits over 1 week and we charge £150 for this rodent control service.


You might have more than 1 grey squirrel co-habiting in 1 loft. Setting up more traps would add £30 per each additional trap.

Squirrel trapping outdoors

We can trap grey squirrels outdoors around your house, e.g. in your own garden with an armed trap set up within a purpose-made protective catch tunnel. It costs additional £20 for 1 squirrel job with 1 trap.

Trapping squirrels with 'live' cage traps

It's limited to indoors. These traps have to be checked daily and each follow-up inspection costs £55. Other costs involved are the same as per trapping with lethal traps.

Additional follow-up inspections (if more than 2 visits) to inspect, reset, move or re-bait squirrel traps would cost £55 per each extra visit (with 1 trap) or £65 (with 2 traps) to inspect and reset them.


Here goes Czm8's squirrel trapping deal:

1 treatment involving 2 Magnum Body-grip traps set up for grey squirrels in an accessible loft including 1 follow-up inspection for £170

Squirrel proofing

On customers request, we can do temporary squirrel proofing after catching and removing squirrels. Please feel free to speak to our attending technician; He will try to establish potential squirrel entry points during initial survey and a follow-up inspection. If a hole is identifiable and accessible from inside the loft, it would cost about £60 each to squirrel proof with steel mesh or chicken wire, steel wool and glue and expanding foam combined with steel wool. The same work would cost about £90 if accessible from ladders outside.



Fast-response and Discreet Rat Control Service

We aim to visit all of our residential customers throughout Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire within 24 hours of receiving a request for mouse control service. Czm8 pest technician will attend within the arranged time and in an unmarked vehicle. 

Safe Control of Rats

The technician will survey the interior and exterior of your property looking for tell-tale signs of rats such as rat droppings, gnawing on bottom of doors, holes gnawed in skirting boards and in walls, smell of rat urine, smears on interior as well as exterior walls, digging under the decking and rat holes in the ground, loose or broken sewage covers and more. If presence of rats is confirmed, he will assess the infestation you might have and discuss with you the pest-control plan including risk assessment  An initial treatment is administered on the same visit. Our standard rat control treatments are child and pet friendly, also are safe for non-target animals. 

Czm8's Standard Treatments to Control Infestations of Rats Outside and Eradicate Them from Indoors.

Contact rodenticide is deployed into holes and gaps that were identified during survey as potential rat entry points. Edible rodenticides are administered safely inside lockable tamper-resistant external rat bait stations that are​ positioned outside the premises treated for rats. (Usually 4 of them around the house) Rat burrows, if present, are baited with loose-formulation rodenticides, alternatively with contact rodenticides applied straight into the rat burrows. Fast-acting "single feed" rodenticides (work within several hours) are simultaneously safely laid inside rat-infested buildings. Where rats are reluctant in taking edible baits, we use contact rodenticide and snap traps in access-restricted areas and at rat entry points. Spent rodenticide is recovered along with accessible carcasses on a follow-up inspection that has been included in the price and will be 2 to 3 weeks later.

How the rat treatment works and what to expect

Czm8-administered edible rodenticide placed within houses leaves a rat that ingested it about one hour to live and usually it lakes off before it dies and never comes back. Contact rodenticide does the rat killing even quicker than edible single-feed formulations we use inside the properties but doesn't kill rats on the spot unlike snap-back traps do. The aim of the treatment is to eliminate the rats that live or frequent the treated premises first so no more rats would follow them back to the poison unlike they could if a slower-acting rat poison was used indoors and rats could consider it a tasty food source for the first few days of such treatment. Our customers say there's usually more noise coming from the loft spaces the first night after treatment and it often stops by the next night. Sometimes, an isolated rat activity returns intermittently for a week or two. Larger quantity of multi-feed edible rodenticide is administered within (usually) four tamper-proof external bait stations that are discreetly placed outside the treated house. Rats may hesitate to go in them at first but after a few days, they come back for more before they die while other rats could follow them in the meantime to the poison of which they "thought" nothing else but it was a very tasty and energizing meal until they also "unexpectedly" died a couple of days later. On domestic and residential rat jobs, we typically attend follow up inspection 3 weeks after treatment. The period between visits is usually shorter when rat trapping with snap-back traps gets involved and if a follow-up repeat treatment is already planned.

Rat Proofing

We check for potential rat entry points during the survey and can quote for optional rat proofing that may help to prevent rats from re-infesting the house or flat in the future. The main materials we use to block access (rat holes and structural gaps) and to deter rats from entry are steel wool, expanding foam combined with steel wool, wired steel mesh and chicken wire. Rat-proofing work is ideally done after (internal) rat control treatment is completed, on the follow-up inspection.

Quotes for Exterminating Rats and Rat Proofing

Single and repeat follow-up treatments to control rats outdoors and eradicate them from buildings

All quotes below are for 1 treatment and 1 follow up inspection only. Most of the light to moderate rat infestations we control are successfully controlled with just 1 treatment and 1 follow-up inspection but we recommend to add a (discounted by half) repeat follow-up rat treatment and 1 extra follow-up inspection after the 2nd treatment for a  better and/or longer-lasting result with stubborn rat infestations or just for your peace of mind.

No call out charge if you have rats

There is no call-out charge or charge for a survey If you have rats and we can do a treatment to control them for you on the same visit. However, if you do not have rats (or any other pest rodents) we would need to charge you £30 for a callout and visit.

Starting/light rat infestations

Rat infestations are usually started by rats exploring a wider area they frequent before opportunistically coming into houses in search of food, shelter, and of new potential breeding sites. 


Rats are nocturnal rodents and therefore their presence outdoors can be easily overlooked at the start of an infestation. The rats may have a nest nearby and pass through your garden as they regularly travel distances between nesting and feeding sites. If rats can no longer find enough food sources and available breeding sites in the places they normally frequent (bins, rubbish tips etc.), they start entering houses. We would recommend you controlling rats outside before they become a problem inside your home.

£150 - 1 rat control treatment (placement of 4 external bait stations and burrow baiting outside your house) and 1 follow-up inspection.  

Moderate rat infestations

From the moment rats settle in your garden, it could only take days before they would find a way into your house. Rats can gain entry via gaps and holes exceeding 1 inch not only on or near the ground level but they also are good climbers who can make it up the walls with rough and semi-smooth surfaces (e.g. roughcast). The usual entry points are broken air vents, gaps around pipes and cables, gaps under doors or even broken soffits near the roof. Some areas of (any) house are therefore more prone to be infested by rats than other [areas].  To tackle a moderate rat infestation outdoors as well as indoors, we usually cover the outside [of the property to be treated] with 4 external bait stations and lay (rodenticidal) baits into internal key areas of the flat or house in the places where rats are most likely to enter or where they have already been sighted, plus where signs of rats such as smears, gnawing or droppings are found.

Czm8's rat control deal:

The rat treatment plan most often chosen by our customers.


£180 - 1 rat control treatment (placement of 4 external bait stations (with rodenticide) and burrow baiting outside your house, plus bating in all key internal areas such as in the kitchen, in storage and utility cupboards and in the basement (if accessible) and 1 follow up inspection. The areas to be treated may also include 1 bedroom or a living room in our rat control deal.

This rat control deal incorporates the safe use of edible and contact rodenticides and snap-back rat traps. The snap traps are usually deployed only when avoidance of edible rodenticides is detected or in repeat follow-up treatments.

Extending the rat control treatment for a loft space and/or a garage is FREE in this deal.

Extra follow-up inspections and treatments are available from £75 to £90 per visit with this deal.

Severe rat infestations

It may have been a couple of years while the property was neglected that rats were able to make it their permanent home. A severe rat infestation in residential property may harbour as many as 50 to in excess of 100 rats in the infested dwelling, depending on its size.

To remove a severe rat infestation of this scale, we place 4-7 external bait stations, do burrow and cavity baiting (with rodenticides) outside the property to be treated as well as cover all of its internal areas (with rodenticidal baits administered on trays or in temporary stations) in most rooms, incl. utilities.

This treatment is not pet friendly in the standard version. Presence of pets would be subject to a risk assessment and on-site hazard management - e.g. all rat poison can be administered within tamperproof external stations outside as well as indoors increases the cost but would minimize the risk of harm to your cat or dog.


Our price of the treatment is based on the actual size of the property to-be-treated as follows:

£191 - 1 bedroom flat or a studio

£200 - 2-bed flat or house

plus £30 to include the loft

a garage adds £15

£210 - 3-bed flat or house

£220 - 4-bed house or flat

£229 - 5-bed house or flat

plus £40 to include the loft

a garage adds £15 (single-car-garage) or £20-30 (2-3 car garage)

A follow-up repeat treatment and inspection is available for half price of the initial treatment and inspection. 

Rat proofing of 1 rat hole costs £20, a large hole or gap costs £30 each to rat proof. We are not able to help with a large structural gaps and would advise you to look for a builder. Proofing of 1 rat hole or gap is free with any of Czm8's rat control  treatment plans. Proofing advice is always free.

mouse control
rat control
squirrel control



Discreet and Safe Rodent Control

Arriving in an unmarked vehicle and within the arranged timescale, on the initial visit, our technician surveys your property to determine whether mice are present, alternatively, he might find other species of commensal rodents or something else that might be involved and advise you accordingly. If mice are confirmed, the level of infestation is assessed and the technician will discuss with you the pest control plan including a risk assessment before administering an initial treatment on the same visit.


Our standard mouse control treatments are child and pet friendly. 

Fast-response Mouse Control Service

We attend mouse issues in Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire within 24 hours from when you request our mouse control service and/or book a visit. It is without any callout charge* Monday to Friday, however, *exceptions may apply.

Czm8's Standard Treatments to Eradicate infestations of Mice Indoors

(Fast working) contact rodenticide is deployed into potential mouse entry points. Palatable as well as highly effective (within hours of ingestion) single-feed edible rodenticides are administered safely in non-spill formulations; inside lockable tamper-resistant mouse bait stations​ in occupied areas and on trays in lofts or within access-restricted internal areas, cavities and in voids. Where mice are likely to display reluctance in taking edible baits, e.g. in busy and shared kitchens, we add contact rodenticide to mouse bait stations (inside them) and set snap-back traps in access-restricted areas or within safe protective stations and boxes. Spent rodenticide is recovered along with accessible carcasses at a follow-up inspection 10 days to 2 weeks later. One follow-up inspection at a later time is included in the price.

What results you can realistically expect

It takes about 1 hour for a mouse to die since the ingestion of most of the edible rodenticides we administer, less than an hour to die for a mouse that had touched our contact poison and groomed itself by licking and snap-back traps kill mice instantly as soon as a mouse triggers them. From experience and as told by customers, you may notice less mouse activity as soon a couple of days after treatment and the activity usually ceases within 4 days to one week. On residential jobs, we typically do follow-up inspections in 10 days to 2 weeks after a combined treatment. The interval between visits may shorten to 1 week where a repeat follow-up treatment after the initial one is planned.

Mouse Proofing

As a part of surveying before a mouse treatment, the technician checks for potential mouse entry points (e.g. holes and gaps) and, on customer's request, he can quote for the proofing work that may help to prevent another mouse infestations taking hold of the treated property in the foreseeable future. The main materials applied in closing access to mice are steel wool and steel mesh, combined with glue and expanding foam in bigger holes and with purpose-made mouse deterring paste (contains steel wool) in small holes. The proofing work is ideally done when a mouse treatment is already in progress or completed, best on a pre-scheduled follow-up inspection. 

Quotes for Exterminating Mice and Mouse Proofing


Single and repeat (combined) treatments to get your house rid of mice

All quotes / fixed prices below are for 1 treatment and 1 follow-up inspection only. Czm8's combined mouse treatments (combination of rodenticides and trapping) usually work well in getting rid of  mice first time; however, you are recommended 1  repeat treatment and another follow-up inspection for the certainty to be mouse-free and your peace of mind.


Repeat mouse treatments and inspections that follow up on the initial treatment cost from £55 or a half price of the initial treatment and inspection together.

No call out charge if you have mice

There is no call-out charge if you have mice and we can administer a treatment on the first visit. However, if you do not have mice (or any other pest rodents), we would need to charge you £30

for for a callout and visit.

Developing mouse infestations and advantage of early detection in lower cost of pest control 

Most mouse infestations start in one room; usually but not always, it is in the kitchen where mice are attracted to food before they would spread into other rooms and across the house. If the presence of mice is identified early, the price for their destruction is cheaper because the treatment focuses on the one area. You might get alerted to the presence of mice by noises, especially at night, and by finding mouse droppings. Fresh mouse droppings are shiny black and the size of a grain of rice. Mice also gnaw food packaging, cables, pipes, carpets, wallpaper, cardboard boxes etc.

£130 - 1 combined (with snap traps, edible and contact rodenticides) mouse control treatment in a kitchen of an average size and 1 follow-up inspection.


£110 for rodenticidal treatment (edible and contact rodenticides) in any 1 other room (e.g. a hallway incl. a storage cupboard) and 1 follow-up inspection.


£130 - 1 rodenticidal treatment in a loft above an average size 2 - 4 bedroom residential property. 


Moderate mouse infestations are more frequent and cost more but Czm8 has a deal

We often come after mice were already spotted and/or their droppings are found in several areas of the house although the whole house is not yet infested by them. In such jobs, we focus our treatments on the areas where mice were seen and/or their tell-tale signs are present.

Czm8's mouse control deal: 

The mouse treatment plan most often chosen by our customers.

£160- 1 mouse control treatment in all strategic areas of a flat or house such as in the kitchen plus pantry, bathroom, (up to 4) utility and storage cupboards, and a hallway (at the front and back doors). The areas to be treated may also include 1 bedroom or a living room in this deal. Larger than 3-bedroom properties are likely to afford more places for mice to hide as well as more opportunities to enter. 4-bedroom+ houses and flats may cost more to treat even when the mouse infestation is not severe. Survey and individual quote is recommended for customers with larger than 3-bedroom residential property. The cost of survey is £30 and it is refundable against the cost of a treatment if it goes ahead on the same visit.


This mouse control deal incorporates the safe use of edible and contact rodenticides and snap traps.

Extending the mouse control treatment for a loft space and/or a garage is FREE with this deal.

Extra follow-up inspections and treatments are available from £55 to £80 per visit with this deal.

Severe or difficult to control mouse infestations

It might be you have a property that is severely infested with mice (mouse droppings are, or mice have been sighted, in most or all of the rooms. On this occasion, we would recommend treating all rooms as well as all other internal areas of the house or flat.

Our price of the treatment is based on the actual size of the property to-be-treated as follows:

£175 1 bedroom flat or a studio

£191 - 2-bed flat or house

plus £30 to include the loft

a garage adds £15

£206 - 3-bed flat or house

£222 - 4-bed house or flat

£239 - 5-bed house or flat

plus £40 to include the loft

a garage adds £15 (single-car garage) or £20 -30 (2-3 car garage)

A follow-up repeat treatment and inspection is available for half price of the initial treatment and inspection. 

Mouse proofing of 1 small hole costs £10, of a middle-sized hole or gap £20, and a large hole or gap costs £30 each to mouse proof. Proofing of 2 small holes or 1 middle-sized hole or gap is free with any of Czm8's mouse control  treatment plans. Proofing advice is always free.

Disinfection after Rodent Control

Rodent-borne disease prevention and more

Inclusive prevention of all known rodent-borne diseases such as Leptospirosis (often referred to as Weil's disease), Salmonella, Listeria and Hantavirus, our virucide also kills COV 19, Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA, Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff), Common food poisoning, influenza virus, Norovirus, Hepatitis B, HIV, the Ebola virus as well as bacteria, mould, mildew, fungi, yeast and more.

How we disinfect your home or business

We use Micro Kill which is a revolutionary product that is a CERTIFIED virucidal cleaner. Micro Kill cleans and sanitises all water washable surfaces, including; carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings, hard surfaces, walls, floors, toilets and washrooms etc. Micro Kill is bleach-free, non-hazardous, non-toxic and contains a pleasant floral fragrance. Application as spray/mist with a compression sprayer or fog/mist with an electric atomiser. 

Disinfection compliments rodent control

Rats communicate and mark their territory by urinating everywhere they go, therefore, they represent a significant health risk. Rats are known to potentially carry nasty diseases which can spread to humans, often through rats’ urine or body coming into contact with food preparation surfaces and other areas that humans may touch. We recommend you to compliment our rodent control service with disinfection for extra safety of your family where rats and mice have been unwanted visitors of your home and to protect your customers with disinfecting the premises if the rodent problem has been in a place of your business. Discounted prices of disinfection (in connection with our rodent control) start from £30. Feel free to request more information about our disinfection service and pricing. 

Please contact us to enquire.


Payments are due on completion of each job. Where a job consists of a number of visits, the quoted sum is due on completion of the first visit, unless agreed otherwise. We accept cash, by cards and use mobile payment links. More information on how to make your payment can be accessed here.

Odour Management


You are unlikely to require bad smell removal 

in connection with mice or grey squirrels; however, you might need this if you have had a rat infestation in your house. We have products can effectively control rodent-born smells for up to 4 weeks which might occasionally be required after a rodenticidal rat control indoors.

Odour Kill

A comprehensive odour digester containing non-pathogenic bacteria and powerful vanilla essence for the immediate relief of bad odours whilst the enzymes start to break down the source of the odour. Application is in the form of a spray we do.

Odour Bag

These bags are a clean and simple solution to removing bad odours caused by dead rodents.

Simply place the bag near the source and it will absorb the bad smells usually within 24 hours.

Please contact us to enquire.

All Czm8's rodent pest control services are  available across Greater Glasgow and in Ayrshire


East Ayrshire - Fenwick, Patna, Dalmellington, Cumnock, Kilmarnock, Darvel, Kilmaurs, Stewarton and more;

South Ayrshire - Troon, Prestwick, Ayr, Mauchline, Muirkirk, Alloway Symington, Tarbolton, Mossblown, Maybole, Girvan, Barrhill and more;

North Ayrshire - Stevenston,

Saltcoats, Ardrossan, Kilwinning, 

Largs, Skelmorlie, West Kilbride, 

Fairlie, Dalry, Beith, Irvine and more;  

East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire - Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Uplawmoor, Neilston, Barrhead, Eaglesham, Clarkston, Paisley, Renfrew, Johnstone and more; Glasgow - Glasgow town, Cardonald, Hillington, Mosspark, Govan, Pollokshaws, Kings Park, Pollokshields, Shawlands, Govanhill, Langside, Battlefield, Hillpark, Cathcart, Mount Florida, Southside of Glasgow, Eastwood, Thornliebank, Gorbals, Busby, Rutherglen, Toryglen, Cambuslang, Partick, Cessnock, Bearsden, Milngavie, Maryhill, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow west end, Shettleston, Denninstoun, Baillieston, Glasgow East End, Anniesland, 

Glasgow North, Clydebank, 

Eastwood, Lenzie, Kirkintilloch and more;

North Lanarkshire - Uddingston, Bellshill, Wishaw, Newarthill, Chapelhall, Coatbridge, Airdrie, Motherwell, Glenboig, Chryston, Kilsyth, Cumbernauld, Caldercruix, Harthill, Shotts and more;

South Lanarkshire - Douglas, Lesmahagow, Lanark, Strathaven, Biggar, Forth, Carluke, Hamilton, Larkhall, Blantyre, East Kilbride, Cambuslang and more

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