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Squirrel trapping and removal in Greater Glasgow and Ayrshire

February and March are a breeding season for Grey Squirrels. Grey squirrels readily enter loft spaces above flats, shops and other buildings to exploit them for nesting.

Nesting and breeding of grey squirrel

Nests are often found in loft spaces, inside roof and wall cavities and within suspended ceilings. Litters average three squirrels, with a range of one to seven young. Young squirrels begin exploration and outing in about seven weeks age. Dispersal begins between thirteen and sixteen weeks. Young squirrels are sometimes capable of breeding at the age of six or seven months, but normally they will be at least ten to twelve months before breeding. To make nests in urban environments squirrels like to use loft insulation and other man-made soft materials.

Damages by grey squirrels

However grey squirrels are not known as vector of diseases tranferable to man, damages to buildings caused by them may be costly if left to come out of control. Squirrel gnawing to wooden joists and beams can seriously weaken structure of the roof and ultimately it can lead to its collapsing. Grey squirrels may also damage insulation, pipe lagging and electric cables. A squirrel chewing live electric cable can cause it to short-circuit and ultimately set the house on fire.

Grey squirrel control

Cages for trapping, humane removal and relocation of grey squirrels or spring-armed killer traps are used by our client’s preference in Greater Glasgow, Ayrshire and Inverclyde. Please visit our dedicated rodent control page for more details about services and prices or contact us now.

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