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Rodent Activity Increases in Winter

Requests for our rodent control service by customers from Glasgow and across the west of Scotland increases as winter 2016 approaches.
Cold Weather
Autumn is here and winter 2016 is coming. Scotland along with the rest of the UK is set for heaviest snowfall in years. Long-range forecast warns of Winter 2016 Big Freeze.
Severe weather (snow, ice, wind and rain) has the ability to disrupt our daily lives, in all sorts of ways, like the loss of power and property damage. By knowing what to do to prepare, you will reduce the risks.


With the onset of winter rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels find less food available outdoors, floods and plummeting-down temperatures drive them indoors where this vermin can find better conditions for breeding and often abundance of food readily available for them from bins or even from people's kitchens. All rodents are potential vector of diseases. Some of rat and mouse borne diseases are Salmonella, Rat-Bite Fever, Typhus, lethal Weil's Disease can be contracted from rats. Little consolation can be you are not likely to get Plague from commensal rodents in Scotland. Physical damage to property caused by rodents such as mice, rats and Grey squirrels can also be very costly if rodent control is neglected.

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